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    Our flight was cancelled and we will not get to fly out until tomorrow. No Christmas in Jamaica for us. I think we even miss out on Lobster night. The airline will extend out flight an extra day. Has anyone ever been in this situation? Would couples be willing to let us stay on an extra day without an additional charge? The lady at the desk said it might be possible, but the Couples office will not be opened until Monday. I realize it was not the resorts fault, but I hope they are sympathetic to the situation and let us stay another night.
    Hopefully all will go well tomorrow.

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    They did not let us do that...they were going to charge us ~$550 for another night. Then, we go to checkout and they say "we don't have you checking out until tomorrow" (the extra day we were looking for) but it was way to late to do anything for flights. I will probably do a full review of CTI but i'll say right now that both the Front Desk and Guest Services were very difficult to deal with for us. The resort itself and all amenities were great and the other staff was really friendly and great but we ended up having to figure out a lot of stuff on our own (stuff the front desk/guest services should have been doing for us).

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    CN was great and offered to let us stay another night. Unfortunatly, Delta changed their mind on letting us exchange our tickets and now wanted $650. The flight was almost sold out so they figured we should have to pay more. They were very difficult to work with and I will choose another airline in the future!

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