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    Default Summer humidity?

    We are planning an August, 2010 trip to CSA. We have been to CN two different times, both in late February or early March. How are the summer temperatures and humidity compared to the winter months?

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    Very humid....
    It's the height of Hurricane Season so there's the level of humidity connected with the chance of heavy rain. Some people don't mind it at all....

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    We have been to Ocho Rios many times in July and the weather has been great. Never humid on this side of the island because of the way the wind keeps the air moving. It is a lot less humid in Ocho Rios than in Florida in July. In Negril, the wind does not do this and the area in general is more humid do to the wet nature of the area.

    The Hurricane season does start in June, but storms and fronts are normally not until September and October. Not a big worry about storm other than the half hour a day on the Ocho Rios side. Negril side we have never been to in July, so someone else needs to answer.

    You will have no problem on the Ocho Rios side and I am sure that the Negril side is also fine based on the amount of people that go during July.

    Enjoy your trip.
    Irie Mon

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    We've been to Negril twice in July and once in January. It is definitely hotter in the summer and more humid. We don't mind either...we actually like it so it doesn't bother us. And if it ever gets too hot, we simply jump in the ocean or the pool. No problem.

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    We love August weather. Yes it is humid and hot, but we love it. We do spend the days floating in the ocean or the pool which is wonderful, with a cool drink. Does not get any better. Planning on being at CN this coming August.

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    Thanks all for the feedback. We are looking forward to the trip and even the warmer temps. No problem, right?! I plan to spend lots of time 50'+ underwater anyway....doesn't get any better!

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