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    Default Dress for dinner

    I have read in different places, different dress codes for the restaurants for dinner. I know Otaheite has a dress code but what about the others?

    I just need to know what to pack for my hubby. I'm not worried about myself . . I seem to always overpack so I should be safe!


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    For the other dining spots, he could wear shorts or slacks, depending on what he's most comfortable in, with a casual shirt. I feel that T-shirts are for the beach, not the restaurants, but alot of guys will wear them in the evening. Just so you know, the temps in the Piano Bar - a MUST-DO after dinner spot - are very cool, we always bring a sweater or light jacket!

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    I would always put on a nicer collared shirt, dress shorts and leather sandals for all of the restaurants except Otaheite, where I would have a pair of dress pants and shoes. I think you'll find a wide variety of dress, but I always felt "middle of the road" comfortable dressing like this.

    Enjoy your trip.

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    Hmmmm interesting topic here about dressing which is good for every one and every person is conscious about their dressing and personality which is good news for every one. What is your opinion about it....

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    Glad to see the comments above about husband always wears nice shorts and a collared shirt as well. I know some like to dress up but I've seen several posts lately showing that nice shorts and a nice shirt are good. We like to look nice but not have to dress up and just like someone said in another post...that is why we love Couples...we can dress up for Othaheite and dress nice for the rest without having to dress up a lot! We agree with the posts above too.

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    After being in swim suit ( in our case AN) all day we dress up each evening for dinner. Wife loves to dress in dresses and heels and I in nice shorts and collar shirt. Just what we like, but to each their own. Just adds to the romantic atmosphere for us anyway.

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