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    Default Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

    Temp 30 degrees and falling....winds blowing 50mph...snow, sleet...whiteout conditions...slick roads...all this in Oklahoma!

    Probably mild compared to where some of you are from, but people here kind of freak out! There has been non-stop weather coverage since 5:00 this morning...(Our weather guys tend to get a little wound up!)every local station pre-empted regular programming...(who needs to know what's happening in the rest of the world anyway, right?)

    The weather/road conditions might prevent us from seeing our families tonight and tomorrow To all those who were wishing for a white Christmas, I say "bah humbug!"

    However, my CTI countdown says 42 days, 19 hours and 32 minutes! Warmer weather soon come!!

    Hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your families!
    Pam Brown
    Norman, OK
    Couples Preferred Agency/Couples Specialist

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    We're next in line for what you are getting . . up in South Dakota. We are in a little break right now. Tomorrow should be fun . . I'll be home with my spouse and baby girl for the first time in my life.

    Our temps are suppose to start falling with the 30-45 mph winds we are suppose to get on top of the 12+ inches they are predicting. Your weathermen get in a frenzy too . . .gee I thought it was just our guys!

    My countdown is on too. We leave 2 weeks from Saturday.

    Happy Holidays.

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    our daughter son in law and grandkids are here from Lawton. we are very thankful they came in last weekend for the holidays. watching news 4 stream out of OKC and it looks like a real mess. be careful all.


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    WOW! It turned out much worse than we expected! A record 14" of snow with drifts up to 5 feet in some places. All major interstates are closed, hundreds of people stranded in their cars...hundreds of accidents, the worst being a 50 car pile up (luckily no one was seriously injured). The airport is closed as well...pretty much the whole city is shut down! I know those of you who live in the northern states are probably laughing!

    Looks like we'll be postponing Christmas celebrations with the family until the weekend!
    Pam Brown
    Norman, OK
    Couples Preferred Agency/Couples Specialist

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    It is 30 degress in WI. I am looking across the street at an ice covered soccer field. It's pretty...I will give it that but I will hopefully be feeling my feet in the sand on sunday at CTI!

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    Had below zero wind chill. 24 inches of snow and 5-10 ft snow drifts in town. the only businesses open the day after blizzard in town are a few gas stations, wal-mart, and a few bars which are unexpectedly busy. one lane traffic down most roads. plows havent reached our house thank goodness for 4 wheel drive trucks. Yes we had a white christmas in Minot ND!!

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    Dont you all wish that you were in Jamaica?I know I sure do!!!Unfortunately my next trip is about two years away...(

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    "but inside it's so delightful"!

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