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    Default Red stripe in the bottle at CTI?

    Sorry, last minute question...does CTI have red stripe in the bottle. It is my boyfriends favorite and he likes it in the bottle. I know they serve it that way at the airport in the Couples lounge. Once we walked from a resort to get some in the bottle (at the nearest gas station) because they only had generic on tap. Thanks!

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    I know that they have stripe in bottles on the island at CTI. I believe it's on tap at the other locations.

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    I doubt they give out bottles very often, too easy to break and since a lot of people walk around barefoot (me included), bottles would be a hazard.

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    the airport lounge has red stripe on tap now. you can always ask your bus driver to grab a few bokkles for the trip to your resort.


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    That's the only way you could get it on Tower Island, so take a bottle coozie to keep it cold. So that might give you a reason to at least try the island if you were "thinking" about it.

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    They have it in bottles in the mini bars in the rooms....if your room has a minibar.

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    my room is deluxe ocean view but I think we will survive with the information you have given. We leave in one day! Thank you al1..Also, I think bottles at the resort would be a hazard...never thought of that till this thread! My boyfriend would take it all off for a red stripe in the

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