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    Default CSA/CN Beach Vendors

    We just got back from a 10 night stay at CSA. Had a Great time. The only problem we had was the beach vendors on the shore line infront of the property. I know it's a public beach and security did a great job keeping them away from guest. But the constand noise from the jet skies, some guy walkin up/down the beach with a magaphone and Jamaicans bothering you as you sat on the shore line was just to much for us. Is this the same at CN its been 10 years since we have been there

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    cn is on bloody bay much much less pedstrian traffic. GLN to the left and satp and the riu's to the right.
    Bloody bay beach will has much less vendor traffic then CSA. You may want to look at jumby bay no vendors to speak of

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    While I admit the jet skis get to be a bit much, I love the vendors walking the beach. Though I'm usually back under the shade too. The "Live, Reggae's going to be hot, hot, hot" guy with the megaphone and the "ceeeegggarettes, cigar, cigar, cigar" guy are part of what I love about that beach. When I hear them the first time I get all excited because then I know I'm really back at CSA.

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    Do understand you are in Jamaica and Jamaicans have every right to that beach as you do and these people are only trying to make a living the only way they can.

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    You are right, they are Jamaicans that are trying to make a living. We're just guests.

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    Wow, A Merry Christmas to you too! Ya might might to pull this one, Jamaicans bothering you???? Yeah I would say the jet ski's are most annoying, but Jamaicans bothering you??? I'm sure everyone else will weigh in on this one.
    Wishing every one a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Want to keep all the men fighting for our country in my prayer's and think of those less fortunate then us, who can can not afford to vacation on a carribbean island and might even have to resort to walking up and down a beach hawking their wares! God Bless all!

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    "Jamaicans bothering you as you sat on the shore line was just to much for us"

    We have been to CSA many times ( and were there last week too )
    and have never been bothered by any of that - in fact this year I missed the group that walks the beach, plays the Drums and Dances. I heard that too many guests complained about them.

    Go to Jamaicans there -

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    Quote Originally Posted by beachbumsDD View Post
    . . . . The only problem we had [at CSA] was the beach vendors on the shore line infront of the property . . . . Is this the same at CN? It's been 10 years since we have been there.
    We've been staying at CN annually since 1999. It's more noisy and busy today on Bloody Bay than it was in 1999, but it's not as noisy or busy as it is on Long Bay.

    In 1999, CN shared Bloody Bay with only Grand Lido; today, there are also two Riu resorts on the bay, so there are more people walking alone the shore line. Because there are now more resorts and more guests, there are some vendors on the beach, but not as many as are found on Long Bay. The "vendors" on jet skis visit the CN swim area just as they visit the swim area at CSA.

    If beach traffic is truly bothersome to you, you might want to consider CSS or CTI. We were guests at CSS in August; the main beach is much smaller than the beach at either CN or CSA, but it is completely private and enclosed within the resort's grounds, so there are no guests from other resorts or vendors walking along the beach or trolling the swim area on jet skis.
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    Well said, Beachsam!

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    Personally it concerns me that Jamaicans are only allowed to walk the waterline on the best beach in their country. It is the one thing that bothers me about going to Jamaica. It is their country and they are not allowed to enjoy this natural wonder. Can't imagine how I'd feel if I were only allowed the waterline at my favorite beach at home.

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    Sorry to hear that the vendors were a bother to you. But I have to side with the folks that find them as much part of the beach as the sand. They represent a part of the local culture of Negril, CSA and the beach would not be the same without them. They are an integral part of what makes the beach at CSA my favorite of all the beaches I have visited. I also find them to be an entertaining distraction when walking the beach off the CSA property. I have always found them to be very open to a smile and a no thank you. Most time they will wish us a good day and a great vacation. A little diplomacy goes a long way in dealing with the beach folk.

    Come on, the guy with the megaphone ("the party is going to be HOT HOT HOT") is hilarious!

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    We just returned from our first trip to CSA. I LOVED the Jamaicans on the beach. Those who approached us took a simple no as an answer. But they would still take the time to talk with us even though they knew they weren't getting a sale. If you take the time to talk with them, they are very friendly. We loved the music on the beach, and the singing cowboy appeared one day. He was funny. We got the ciiiggg man on video, so we could show him to all our friends at home. I think I'd miss him next November when we go if he's not there! It's just all so Jamaican. As the other posters have written, there are other Couples resorts that have fewer vendors. But please don't send the ones at CSA away; they made our trip there so....Jamaican!!

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    The first time each trip that we hear Hat chanting "Cigarettes, cigars, cigars, cigars" we know all is well. Even the "Hot, hot, hot" guy sings a song that makes CSA special. Without the locals, Swept Away would be CSS.
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    DIRT: I love the hot hot hot megaphone guy, LOL my hubby and I couldn't stop laughing at that on our honeymoon, and I am actually looking forward to that when we return. It's a good chuckle!!!

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    I loved the beach vendors and the musicians. It's part of Jamaica. It's nice to have a bit of the Jamaican flavour otherwise you could be anywhere. Heaven forbid they should be allowed to walk their own beaches and make a living. Whatever next!!
    As for the jet skis. Personally they didn't bother us. For me it meant extra girly time with my friend while our husbands went jet skiing!!!

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    One of the things that bothers me when I go to Daytona Beach is the beach vendors. Everything from Parasailing to Time Share sales adn the same goes for Myrtle Beach. The other thing is the sometime obnoxious or rude guest from other resorts. That said, that is why we LOVE CTI. The only people on the beach are the guests and staff. Plus we still get the real Jamaican feel from the staff and our trips outside the resort.

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    We'll be going back to CSA in less than a month and I can't wait to hear "ceeeeeeeegaretttes" again. I so enjoy seeing the Jamaican people - everybody is just trying to get by in this life. further, Elvis, Bob and that whole crowd are actually quite entertaining to watch and talk with and by the way, they were among the first to help clear the beach after Hurricane Paloma last year. I'm so excited to hear that there is a large beach again. We were there when Paloma hit last year and despite that, we still had a wonderful time.

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    I rarely post on the board but had to on this one. I live in a community where the very wealthy live on Dune Road on the east end of Long Island, NY. We too are only allowed to walk the shoreline where their homes are located as the dunes are considered private property. However, we have adjacent beaches where all are welcome. We should be thanking all the Jamaicans for sharing their beautiful beaches with us and not complaining about them. IT IS THEIR ISLAND - NOT OURS. We should all be thankful that not only are we financially able to enjoy this beautiful island, but that the Jamaicans are willing to share it with us! Hope I didn't offend anyone. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all.

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    Hi, we just got back from Css and to tell you the truth we missed the vendors. We did a day pass to CTI and they do not have vendors also. We have been to CSA twice and to CN once and we really enjoy the vendors. We find our shady sea-grape tree and sit at least half a day (before our lunch and then long nap) and the vendors have never bothered us--of course we love the Jamaican people. They are the most friendly and warm people on this earth-probably because they live in paradise! We never buy from the beach vendors and say "no thanks" and they go on unless we start more conversation which we do a lot. We do not buy from them because we go to the market close to CN or to the one in Negril to buy all of our "stuff" because we have a special vendor there that takes good care of us. We can hardly wait to get back to CN and find our seagrape tree.

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    Private property is private property. Do you people think the Jamaicans should have full access to the resort? Free food? Free rooms too? I have nothing against allowing them to walk the shoreline and peddle their wares (in facvt, we enjoy them very much), but it is private property and you have to draw the line somewhere.
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    If you do not want beach vendors, then go to CSS or CTI. Both have private "Couples Resort" only beaches without jet skies, or other noise. The only draw back to the beaches at CSS and CTI is that they are small and you can not walk for a long distance on them.
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    Wally 'the Jamaicans' do use the resort because believe it or not, they can actually pay for it, not all Jamaicans are hanging around the beach waiting for your patronage. As a Jamaican, I am actually beginning to find this thread offensive.

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    I forget how or when I heard this, but I seem to recall that there is not much of Jamaica's waterline boundary that is NOT accessible to all (access being a relative term). I believe that the terms of this access can be limited to allowing walking access, even along the waterline of the AI properties.

    I know that some find this annoying, and even I find it a bit unsettling when folks at that property adjacent to SweptAway decide to take their kids for a jaunt down the beach toward Negril (we have grandchildren who we love dearly, but we've paid our dues and would rather not have to deal with other peoples' kids).

    But 7-Mile IS a beautiful beach, and it IS a public causeway. I guess its one of those things you need to be aware of going in, and if its not an acceptable situation, you might want to consider a different destination... or, there's always the option... chill out and enjoy.

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    I love the "hot, hot, hot" guy. I can even hear him as I'm walking through the grounds or in my room and it just makes me smile. I would miss that part of Jamaica.

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    Is that really you? Or, is this an imposter? Great to see you on the board again.

    I’m a people watcher and I love the locals and the beach vendors. I really enjoy the two and three man bands.

    CSA soon come!


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