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    Wally 'the Jamaicans' do use the resort because believe it or not, they can actually pay for it, not all Jamaicans are hanging around the beach waiting for your patronage. As a Jamaican, I am actually beginning to find this thread offensive.
    spin this thread is a reflection of the norms of majority of
    "couple" patrons ... Few venture outside the confines and for those who have they certainly have a different perspective especially in negril. The majority of patrons rarley get an iopportunity back home to interact with those outside their social and economical norms so any on thre fly adjustments may not come easily.
    I have noticed in our travels those folks coming from metro area seem to go with the flow easier then those from "less metro" areas... The patrons who see the vendors as a pain are the same folks who love standing in the middle of Wall and Pine (NYC) at 4:30 pm snapping pictures 8 across and then complaining the street is too crowded the pace too quick, the people who are being blocked from walking are too rude and the street muscians didnt play their favorite tune lol.
    Props to those who enjoy the vendor vibe and as others have posted once you engage them in conversation it make for a much richer experience....

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    I like the vendors - they help ensure the place insn't totally sterile (probably the wrong word but hope you see what I mean

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    Not the imposter thing again!!! It's Rrrrrrrrr who else would want my name! Thanks it's nice to be missed.

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    We were at CSA in November, for our first trip to Couples.
    Twice before we have stayed down the beach a bit, at Country Country.
    Compared to the vendor traffic at CC, Couples has VERY LITTLE!!
    We almost did not return to Negril because of it, but since we found CSA, we will be back for sure!!

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    Shoreline is NOT PRIVATE PROPERTY! We have space on a lake here in WI and shoreline and beaches are actually considered public anyone can walk on them or swim there if they so choose. I have never seen anyone do it but that is the law...other places may vary but I find it entertaining. "Ciiiiiiiiiiiigarettes, cigars....Reggae party on the beach its going to be HOT HOT HOT!" I cannot wait, april come quicker!!!!

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    I"ve never had a problem with any of the vendors walking the beach at CSA. Actually, my only problem was with one of the beach guards who was supposedly "protecting" me from someone I wanted to buy a piece of art from. I think his motives for trying to discourage me from buying from this artist,who I respect and have bought from in the past, were self seving. I felt bad after the incident that I didn't stick up more for the artist,I was just extremely uncomfortable with the whole situation. I did buy 3 paintings from him Does anyone know if the guards who patrol the beach are employees of CSA?

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    I can't imagine going to CSA without hearing 'Ceeeeeeeeegatettes....', that dude is as much a part of that resort as the pool bar, and if the vendors in Jamaica bother you, let me give you some advise: Do not go to any other beach resorts anywhere in the Caribbean or Mexico. the vendors in Jamaica are the most polite and least pushy of any place I have ever been (that have public beaches with vendors, of course).

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    We love the vendors and musicians on the beach at CSA. Heading "home" in six weeks and looking forward to hearing "Ceeeegarettes". I have never felt pressured by anyone we have met on Long Beach. A simple polite no thank you has always worked for us. We have met many interesting people on our walks along Long Beach and have enjoyed some great entertainment while relaxing on the beach at CSA.

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