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    Does anyone know if you get some sort of card for taking this? Cause I think it is credit towards the full class. I took the class at CN the first week of September. I know we had a bunch of stuff to fill out for the class. Thanks!

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    Anyone know?

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    If you are referring to the resort dive, then no I don't believe you get anything.

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    hmm.. I did this and didn't get a card or anything. I nearly decided to fork out the cash for my padi diver card but was having some sinus issues, so I decided another dive wasn't in my best interest on that trip. Next time, I'll drop the cash and get my basic padi cert.

    From what I heard, after you do the "classroom" discussion, the swim test, the pool dive, and the one real dive.. all you have to do is another dive and you have your card. Is there some written test you have to take as well?

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    In principle yes, Padi does issue a confirmation that you did the DSD. However, I have never seen Couples issue these. In any case I hate to say it is probably too late as the instructors at CN had a certain time period to get this into PADI, which may have lapsed by now. The best advise I can offer is call the instructor you had and talk directly to him. The DSD Couples offer may be resort and not PADI specific. Hope that helps.

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    there is a written test to finish qualifing for your card, but just like everything else on the island, its "no problem mom". When my wife did hers, it was a "take back to room test" and any wrong answers were gone over and corrected with her instructor prior to be submitted. Your biggest concern should be on your skills,as the instructors will not let you move on until you have mastered each skill. You must complete 4 open water dives for certification, I believe some of these are done by walking into the swim area at the resort and one or two dives are then finished from the dive boat. Good Luck and have fun. Don't miss the night dive, its worth the money and will be the highlight of your trip.

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    SeanPaul you answered my question. I figured something may be sent because they wanted your email and address and all that good stuff. I just never received anything from PADI though. Oh well next time I am there I am doing the full course. I could not get anyone else on our trip to dive so I went on Friday and we left on Saturday.


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