Hey all!!! I've posted a bunch of times earlier in the year, but now that our trip is only 31 days away, I feel the need to pick everyone's brains some more

We will be at CSS from 8/1-8/8 and are staying in a 1-bedroom Ocean Suite. Can someone tell me, are those rooms usually higher up? We are sort of hoping so, as we could both use the exercise of climbing up and down the stairs several times a day LOL!

We got married last August, and since we're going before our 1 year anniversary, I was told by someone that we could tell them that we're still Newlyweds and we'd get a free (or discounted) couples massage? Anyone know if this is true? Just curious!

I am sort of dreading the ride from the airport to the resort, only b/c I am a TERRIBLE flier with bad motion sickness, and then to have to look forward to a 2-hour car ride... not gonna be pretty! Does the van (or car) that takes us to the resort have seats up front that they'd let me use, if I needed to? That usually helps the motion sickness thing, so I figured I'd ask to help ease my mind!

This is also my first time to Jamaica - besides Dunns River Falls which we will DEF be doing, what other things do you recommend seeing/doing outside of the resort? Just looking for some suggestions.

Thank you all in advance for answering my silly questions!! I am sure I'll be on here all the time as we get even closer! YAY!!!