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    How is the nightlife at Couples Sans Souci? I was hoping that they had nightly parties like pyjama or toga...
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    No toga or PJ parties at CSS

    it is hit or miss, when you sit in the sun and drink all day you are usually pretty baked by 11:00 pm.

    We have stayed up all night several times but it really depends upon the crowd there, many nights we were asleep by midnight.

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    Couples Resorts do not have nightly "Theme" parties.
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    CSS does not have pajama or toga parties. Couples is geared toward romance and enjoying being with your loved one. Wild parties does not fall within that category. What there is in the evenings is live entertainment that is wonderful for dancing close with your loved one. In the evening after the main entertainment is done the 'party' moves to the piano bar and from there you can sing along with the piano player.

    I have been to resorts that hold togo parties and the like and I'm very glad that Couples has chosen to not participate in stuff like that.
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    Couples Resorts

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    We were at CSS in January for 10 nights. A couple of those nights, the beach bar was definitely lively until the wee hours. However, it was by no means a toga party, just folks having fun. CSS, and Couples in general, is not a wild, wild party spot. Perhaps you have Couples confused with the "H" resorts??

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    Thanks everyone for the information. One more month to go!!!!!

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