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    Hello All,

    My husband and I will be visiting the Couples Resort for the 1st time on Xmas. Can you tell me if CN has a fitness center? I would like to try and keep up with my workout some - because I'm sure I'll be pigging out while I am there.


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    Yes, CN has an indoor, air-conditioned gym with cardio equipment, weight machines, and free weights. Unfortunately, the studio for group classes is outdoors.

    Before the fitness area was renovated, the studio was indoors, and CN offered early morning group classes. After the renovations, however, morning classes were discontinued b/c guests with rooms near the fitness area complained that the music played during classes was too loud and awakened them earlier than they would have liked. Group classes now are offered in the afternoon, but you might find that it's too warm for you.
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    Absolutely! The fitness center is centrally located at the resort and has cardio equipment, free weights, weight machines and a fabulous wooden deck outside for doing your stretching, pilates, yoga etc.

    Here's a link to the CN panoramic map. You can see where the fitness center is located and look a few pictures of the equipment.


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