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    please could anyone tell me if there is a hot tub on the nude beach @css

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    Yup, here's what it looks like:

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    There is a hot tub there but it is more like a home hot tub, not a built it (cement) type of tub. It is also pretty hot (at least the last time we were there) and doesn't get used very much.

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    Yes there is, along with a very nice pool complete with waterfall (not heated) and swim up bar. Perfect for cooling off after several minutes in the hottub!


    R and R

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    There is a hot tub at Sunset Beach.

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    Yes, but it's not very fancy, in fact it's the same model that we have at home. It sits on the patio near the pool.

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    I think the AN hot tub at CSS is in the pool area. I'm not sure how close to the beach it is.

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    yes a small one

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    When we were at SSB last week we saw more people in that hot tub than we ever have at CN so don't be discouraged by the size of it.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    There is a hot tub by the pool on SSB. While we were there, it ran about 108 degrees F. Too hot to enjoy!!! Also all of the buttons were either missing or torn up and could not make any adjustments. I did complain about it one day and they drained it down partially and refilled it with cold water which brought down the temp to about 98 for a couple of hours. This is something that they need to upgrade or repair.

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