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    Default Snorkeling in Negril

    Is there any good snorkeling that can be easily reached swiming from the beach in Negril or is snorkeling only worth doing from the resort boats. Was thinking of bringing my own mask and fins to use on my own if it's worth the extra weight and room it takes up in my luggage

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    My short answer would be no, it isn't worth bringing your own gear. There is really no marine life-rich environment accessible from the beach. You would need to go out on the boat and that is still somewhat meagre. This is at CN. I don't know about CSA, but it's probably similar.

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    Not much to see at CSA either but you may see an occasional stingray, and I have seen smaller fish and there are starfish out by the swim ropes.

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    Have to add to this. There is an included cat. cruise at Swept Away and it stops at the cliffs so you can go for a swim. They don't carry any snorkeling gear but if you bring your own, go for it. Well worth the little room the gear takes up in your suitcase!

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    cn does offer a snorkeling trip that take you over a cannon and anchor from a pirate ship. You do see a lot of fish also. it is about 45 minute trip

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    We always take our snorkeling gear to CSA and walk down past the public beach where the sand ends and see some fish.

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