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    Oh my, my husband just reminded me the easiest way to find him, at least after sundown. That damn misogynistic bird. I'll be doing shots and probably singing "God Save the Queen" and reminiscing about my uni days, and he'll have a parrot on his shoulder.

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    Trust me 40 is not so bad, I have the dreaded 50 looming in just over three years or tone precise 3 years, 83 days and 6 hours. Yes I have countdown timer but it's really there to count the days to our long awaited holiday to Couples.

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    We are scheduled for our 20 year anniversary celebration to be at CSS. We are rookies at Couples resorts but the wife is counting the days already.
    We will be arriving Nov 27th - Dec 4th.

    See you all there!!!

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    Default Omg !

    Can you believe that we have seven months left? It seems like it was only a few weeks ago that we returned and now we have sooooo long before we can experience paradise again... By the way, has anyone tried out the island for a Trading Places" day?? We did it in February and it was AWESOME! Anyway, what a break from the grind of everyday life! We can't wait to be there again and let the winds of zero (0) responsibilities run through our hair. For those of you who haven't been through the experience, you can't imagine how peaceful it really is. We hope to see you through it... (At least in November 2010...)

    Marc & Belinda...

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