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    Default CSS November 2010

    We recently booked our trip to CSS November 7-14, 2010. Anyone else going around the same time?

    Maxine and Scott

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    Default Party Time

    Hi Scott and Maxie. Rick and I are going to CSS at the exact same time! Just received the news in my Christmas stocking and I am so excited. I have a feeling your a fun couple to hang out with! See you at Sunset Beach! LOL

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    Default Shout Out for November 2010!

    Hey Mike and Diane where are you! Will you be joining us in November? I thought Scott said you were but I'm not sure. Can't wait to see everyone. We are going to have a BLAST! Love to you both and the Happiest and Healthiest New Year!

    Deb and Rick

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    Default CSS November 2010

    Hi Deb and Rick.

    I think there are about 8 of us so far that are going. Rick and Gayle may go, too. That will be 10. We will have the greatest time!!!!!!!

    Happy New Year to both of you.

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    we are definitly working on going and hope to book in Jan. Cindi and Jim are thinking of going also. so there will be so many returning to our great vacation place. I will book but I hope they have a great special to make the deal sweeter.

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    well we are coming to css in Nov. Rick and Debbie. Cindi and Jim and Maxine&Scott what a fun time we will have. We will save some seats for you and Rick and Scott and Maxine since we will be there on sat. with Cindi and Jim.
    looking forward to seeing you all.

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    Default Sunset Beach Bums

    It will be great to see you again! We'll have to think of a group activity for the "Sunset Beach Bums". Think of something silly and fun! Maxine and Scott, Rick and I will need to use your pool from time to time to work on our pre-Jamaica tans!! Everyone take care and we'll see you in 10 months!

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    Rick and Deb...

    The pool will be open as soon as weather permits so you can work on your "all over tan"!!! We have many fun times planned this year; it's just the beginning!!!!

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    Hi CSS veterans! My husband and I are going Oct 29-Nov 6, so it looks like we will miss the "Sunset Beach Bums". We are 'virgins' to Couples Resorts and are really excited to go. I assume you met at CSS and I think it's great how you've become friends. I hope we have the same experience. This is going to be a long 10 months!

    Lisa & Mike

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    Default first timers

    Hi all! I just booked at CSS 11/22-12/6, a recommendation from a friend. We booked our vow renewal..25 yrs!! Any pointers, tips would be great! Thanks-Kim

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    with air Jamaica going out of chicago, flights and day will be altered. hope the agent can find out soon since they are not letting apple know of their intentions. Hope to see you all about the same time as last year. I know alot of the people said american but they don't fly nonstop in Nov. if anyone has info let me know to pass on.

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    well we are booked now and hopefully nothing else goes wrong. we are booked for the 7th which is sunday to sunday. Hope to see alot of familiar faces, looking forward to seeing all our friends that are going this year.

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    To Inarut....We love CSS. Have been there a number of times. We've met so many wonderful people and keep in contact since most of us don't live around the corner from each other. We have quite a few trips planned to visit our friends and will see them also in November. It's been exciting, and we look forward to many years of continued friendship! Sorry we will miss meeting you. We arrive 11/7. You will enjoy CSS and surely won't be disappointed. You will be back!

    Maxine & Scott

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    Cosmet, Looking forward to seeing you and Mike on a trading places day.We are booked 11/4 - 11/11 at CTI.Any word if George and Brenda are ready to do a return trip?

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    Yeee Cindi and Jim will be coming to css for the Nov. group. Hope the weather is great like last year. looking forward to seeing everyone again.

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    Hi everyone! Now that the snow is melting and Spring is on the way our trip in November does not seem as far away as it did a few months ago. How about a beads day at Sunset Beach for anyone going 11/7 to 11/14 or anywhere in between! Looking forward to seeing you all!

    Rick and Deb

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    Beads to you!!! hope you are well and we will see you in Nov.

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    We will be there 16th - 23rd November. Cannot wait!

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    We will be back Nov 2-11th. We cant wait to return home. At least we have summer coming up so that will not make the wait seem as long (I hope).

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    I can't wait for Summer (even though I am wishing the year away to get to our CSS holiday). I am fed up of being cold and our heating bills are horrendous. Still before our CSS holiday we have got 2 weeks in the South of France to look forward to.

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    Hey kazd, we went to the south of France last year. Where are you going? We had a good time, we stayed with family the entire 3 weeks but did some sight seeing too. Have fun.

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    We are going to the south west (Atlantic Coast) we are staying in a place called Sanguinet, Lake Sanguinet is the 2nd largest lake in France and it is about 300 m from where we are staying. The beach is a 15 min drive.

    Our reasoning for this holiday is that we had two weeks in Cornwall last year which was great and we invested in wetsuits, boogie boards and a roof box to bring it all home in. The kids had a great time and I wanted a similar holiday this year before they outgrown their wetsuits (I think my eldest sleeps in a gro bag - he is already 4.5 inches taller than my hubby) but I also wanted more guaranteed sunshine.

    We vacationed in France a couple of years ago but the area we visited was more rural and shut down for the whole of August.

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    Hi everybody,

    Heidi and Greg here from Michigan. We just booked our fourth trip to CSS for November 12 through November 20. We are going a couple weeks later than usual because I decided that I can't possibly get too upset about turning 40 (November 16) if I'm in Jamaica. Can't wait!!!

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    Hi Mestralle

    You turn 40 on the day we arrive, we will watch out for the table with a big birthday cake on!

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    If there's a birthday cake, it'll likely be thrown (with some force) into my husband's face. But I'll happily welcome you with a hug and a shot! I'm not usually terribly inconspicuous (despite being rather physically small). I'll probably be the nostalgic one bellied up to (or underneath) the bar bemoaning my lost youth <wink>.

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