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    Default YS Vs. Mayfield Falls

    We have been to CSA before and will be back in April, this time I want to venture out and go do stuff. I want to go ziplining and see one of the falls. On the TOTT website it says you can do both at YS but says Mayfield has caves and that sounds really cool!!! So from those of you who have been can I get a rundown of what each has and why one is better than the other???? Which one is closer to CSA and how long will it take? I don't want to be gone from sun up to sun down.... Thank you ahead of time for all the feedback!!!!

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    If you do only a falls tour, either one (YSFalls or Mayfield) can be done in about 6 hours. Its about 1-1/2 hours of country road to get to either one, but the ride to Mayfield is in very hilly, mountainous terrain.

    YSFalls is a series of cascading pools that occur over a relatively short distance with a rather extreme elevation change. In fact, I understand that they installed a single point zipline a few years back. Mayfield is a more gentle slope... a narrow creek in places only a few yards across... and offers a more hands-and-feet in the water experience, known as their River Walk (assuming the creek bed is not too full).

    We've done both, enjoyed both.

    Hope that helps.

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