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    Default Just Home From CSS Paradise

    It was sad to leave, but my new grandson & dog needed us! Not a regular review...everything there was Couples-Great everything. What I did notice was that the staff seemed to know/remember us more than at our only other Couples stop (CSA). Also, the coffee was better. Do you think it was the water? What really wowed us was how Mr. Battaglia led the team. He led with his knowledge and experience, but more so with his heart and soul. The crew at CSS were eager and wanting to please do things his way. No corners cut, no attitude, just happy to be there working to make our visit special, and it was.

    We have not traveled as much as some of you have, but we have been places. CSS is the prettiest place we have ever stayed. I think they should number (tastefully, with paint) the steps and call it a new exercise program. Everybody talks about it, why not have some fun with it. These stairs are part of the unique quality that is CSS. We had planned to return, but the closer was the little road-snack they gave us when we left. What attention to detail! What a way to make folks want to return!

    Met nice folks fron IN, GA, ON & NC, but were mainly there for "us" and didn't spend a lot of time socializing. Fantastic experience and cannot wait to repeat. I called my TA today and told her to lay on plans for next Dec. 360-something & counting!

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    Thanks for the review caveman.

    We're off to CN in 111 days. We're already thinking about a Nov. 2010 trip home as well. We're considering a visit to CSS for a change from our wonderful home at CN.

    Your review has us leaning towards Ocho Rios a little bit more.


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    Just a heads up, as a repeater you should receive the cooler with snacks as you leave from all the resorts.

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    We loved CSS. We are already booked for a week there in 2011 and then headed to CN for a week. Both are so wonderful.

    We also enjoyed the stairs and finding all the little nuances that the stairs led to. I think the numbering system is a cute idea, but it would need to be unobtrusive.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Love the review. We love CSA and are trying CSS next year so I am happy to know you loved it!

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