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    Default I am SO proud of Couples

    Isn't it amazing that Couples just keeps on "doing & doing" for us, the guests? Each time I think I have "seen it all" from this great company, they do something that shows me why they are so separate from all the rest of the world's A.I.s.

    Thank you, Couples. Thank you!

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    I totally agree Papa! Couples is amazing! Returning home to CSS for in 2 days 18 hours 59 minutes.
    Jeff (Mandynjeff)

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    crabracers Guest


    Papa, I couldn't agree with you more. We spoke, they heard. More importantly, they listened. I am always impressed. Couples is in a class all by themselves.

    Thank you once again


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    There are other A.I.s in the world?

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    I must say, even though I haven't been to a couples yet, I am already very impressed...

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    crabracers Guest


    Yo, Jeffmon. Try and sound a little happy that your going. I could see the smile on your face from here.

    Enjoy (those are my real teeth)


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