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    Just curious....who is the most famous person you have seen at a Couples resort? Were they at the AN beach?
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    (Looking in the mirror and smiling) Me!
    Ricky Ginsburg
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    Some lady from law and order was at csa in July. But I was there too so I'd have to say... Me!

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    The Issa Family and Randymon at CTI in July (including Abe Jr. tending bar and yes he was tending bar for a short time on the Island.)

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    Once at CSA we saw a host of an HGTV show & his wife. Don't remember his name because that show is no longer on & unless you were an avid HGTV watcher you wouldn't have known him anyway.

    Also, have seen a couple of different pro athletes at CN that hubby recognized but I don't remember who they were either.

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