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    Default Help raise money to benefit the children of Jamaica

    Greetings to all Couples Resorts loyal fans. We need your help to help the children of Jamaica!!! Please read below and ask everyone to share with their contacts!

    JP Morgan Chase is letting Facebook users help decide how to give away $5 million dollars. The 100 charities with the most votes by December 11th will receive $25,000 each. Issa Trust Foundation could REALLY put this money to good use in 2010.

    Facebook users, please take a minute to follow this link and vote for the Friends. http: If you are not a Facebook user, you can quickly setup an account first and then vote. Thank you in advance for helping us- your vote could make a big impact to help the children of Jamaica!

    Couples Resorts

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    Thanks for posting on Facebook, Randy! I probably would have missed this here on the message board.

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    Default Unite to help the children of Jamaica - Deadline December 11th

    Thank you to those who are voting, please send this message to everyone in your contacts. It is an easy way to help raise money to give back to our beloved Jamaica!! Reminder: Deadline date is December 11th:

    Thank YOU!!

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    I voted!

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    I just put my vote in!!
    Have a Happy Day!

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    I voted, and I think we can vote more than once, right?

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    I found a link on my wall at fb. When you take that link to Chase, you then search Issa Tr Foundation, Inc. In order to vote, simply become a fan of Chase. You get 20 votes each, there are 7 days left, and Issa Trust has only 42 votes. SPREAD THE WORD NOW!!!

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    Default Vote for Issa Trust - Time Sensitive

    Thanks for all the votes so far! We only have until December 11th. As of today we have 61 votes! Please encourage all your friends to vote for Issa Trust Foundation so we can help as many children as possible!! Thank YOU!

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    Became a fan and voted!!!

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    Default Voting continues - Spread the Word

    Keep the movement going! As of this morning we have 78 votes! Can we add a zero on that by the end of the weekend to 780 votes? See the YouTube video of a parent that came in with his child to be seen by one of our doctors during the 2009 mission. Thank you for your continued support!

    Select Link to Vote today!

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    I voted!

    It says I have 19 votes left but I'm going to assume I can only vote once a day because there is no way for me to vote again. I'll keep checking back.

    Kevin & Angie

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    Default Reminder - please vote

    Time is running out, only 3 more days left to vote. We only have 90 votes so need many more. Please help the children of Jamaica by voting!! Thank YOU!

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    Just found out about this---sent my vote with precious little time to spare---but it counted and that's what counts!!!!

    Thanks for all your hard word Diane!!!

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    Default votes for Chase

    Thanks to all of those who voted, but unfortunately it was not enough to win the top 100 spot.

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