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    Default How much cash do we need as CSA?

    We're coming in for 10 days, 2 of which is not at the resort, but in the city. How much cash do we need to bring with us? Planning to do a little shopping and will have to eat, etc. for the two days we're off property. The other 7 we won't be leaving property. Also, if we do anything else (SCUBA, SPA, Etc.) at the resort, can that be charged to the room and settled with a credit card when we leave? Thanks!!


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    We always take a couple hundred, and always leave with 90% of it.

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    Shana - We typically bring around $300.00. Nothing larger than a $20, but mostly $10's, $5's, and $1's. When in Jamaica, if you pay with U.S. money, you will almost always get back Jamaican money for change. You can charge everything to your room, with the exception of tipping, which is only allowed for spa employees, and the cat cruise folks. I hope your trip is amazing

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    300 good but I suggest a tad more for incidental buys(AND they always happen, I promise)..last minute jet ski excursion. 400 best and in denominations the prior comments suggest. NO Big BILLS(50"S OR GREATER)

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    Default Tipping for spa employees?


    I didn't know that tipping for spa employees was allowed/expected. I feel bad because we were at COR 3 years ago and I did not tip because I thought it was like everything else where that is not allowed.


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    We usually bring around $300, also. You'll need some money to tip the shuttle driver and baggage handlers at the airport. Although you can charge the spa/scuba to your room, I always tip the spa employees with cash. You can also tip the cat crew. There are outside vendors that set up on the beach, I believe on Wednesdays. We always find something there to buy, and you will need cash for that. We also tip the mento bands that walk the beach from time to time at CSA. Finally, if you want to parasail, that is extra and cash is required.

    We usually have cash left over, and we use that to buy lunch at the airport before our return trip. Have fun!

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