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    Has anyone ever taken their own massage lotion with them to the spa? I have somewhat sensitive skin and was thinking of taking my own since I know that doesn't cause problems for me. Do you think anyone would be offended by that?

    I visited the old spa at CTI, but haven't been to the one at CSS before. Any suggestions / recommendations?

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    I am sure it would not be a problem if you want to bring your own massage oil as CSS bends over backwards to please but I also have sensitive skin and the massage oil they used at the spa was just fine for me it did not have any strong perfume in it or anything like that.
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    Don't worry about it. Bring your own if you want. No one will be offended.
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    Absolutely not! I am sure they will be happy to use your own oil. The massage huts at CSS are amazing and have a breathtaking view of the ocean.
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