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    Hello! As a soon to be first time CN/Couples visitor, I have a few questions about the excursions at CN.

    I had heard that YS Falls was included in the resort this true? Also I heard that you can zipline at YS falls. Is this something you reserve when you get to the falls or ahead of time? Is it worth it compared to other ziplining tours?

    What other excursions does CN offer for a fee? If you do the ys falls/black river/ and rum do you go about doing them in one day? I've read that people recommend doing this.

    In short.. I have no idea how the paid excursions work from CN!!

    Thank you in advance!

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    The off resort excursions are NOT included in the resort price package. You do get the Negril shopping trip, catamaran cruise and the listed items but trips to Pelican Bar, Black River Safari, YS Falls, Appleton Rum Estate etc are all seperate and each has a $$ cost associated.

    You can book these trips when you get to the resort or if you have a group and would like to arrange an adventure thru an off resort service they too are available to contact. Unfortunately we are not permitted to list these off resort tour services so if you would like info on them you would need to email me at RDYJMJM@YAHOO.COM.

    How do off resort excursions work.

    There are a variety of tourist locations that can be visited and if you desire to book them while at the resort you simply visit the tour desk located in the main lobby and view your potential trips. They will gladly book your trip and you would be expected to make payment at the time.

    Word of caution.

    Black River Safari, Pelican Bar and YS Falls are an excellent adventure but it is also a day long one so plan accordingly. Appleton Rum Estate is only open on certain days and YS Falls is closed for a period around Easter. Dont try and cram to many places into the day.

    A group of us booked the Black River Safari thru and off resort service. We visited The Bar From Nowhere, Black River, Pelican Bar and YS Falls. We started out adventure at 7 AM and returned at 6:30 PM and it was worth the time.

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    Cahoju, this will be our first time at CN too, but we
    have been to the other three. All fantastic!
    When we did the Black river, YS falls, appleton rum tour,
    it was not included but don't know if it is now.
    They have zip lining at the falls and you pay when you get there.
    I wanted to do it but since I was with a tour, there wasn't time,
    they kind of rush you along. I would hirer a driver next time.
    When are you going?

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    YS is not included in the resort price. Go to Couples Negril and to the inclusion tab to see what is included. You can book YS Falls from the desk and combine it with other tours but it is at a cost. YS Falls is approx 1-1/2 hours from CN.

    We always used a private tour company, but Couples will arrange any tour you would like. We did YS Falls, Pelican Bar, Black River in one day, it is a long day approx 12 hours but well worth it. When we did YS in 06 the zipline was not yet there, so I cannot comment on that. They had tubes, and rope swings, and the falls are beautiful, cascading gorgeous falls.

    Mayfield Falls is another great tour from Negril about the same distance. Mayfield is more of a river walk, you are in the water the entire time with a guide.

    This is something I would ck into the first day, as some tours require advance notice.... such as the Pelican Bar where a boat needs to be reserved.

    Happy Travels.

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    Thank you rndymnmn for your comments!! I don't need a list of them, I just wondered how it worked. YS falls sounds like it will be fun.

    We will be there July 6-12th. We cant wait!!

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    Keep an eye on the drought conditions impacting the south coast area as this has an effect on how much water flows in the area for the falls.

    If you want some pictures

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    we just got back on dec 13 we did the ys falls, appleton rum, and black river safari for 112.oo per person it was great and you get to see a lot of the country the zip line is an additional 30.00 at ys and did not look like it was worth it. There is another tour that takes you on bamboo rafts down a river that was awsome it was 75.00 per person and definately intament. They also had a zip line but that was a seperate tour it is supposed to be one of the longest in jamaica, we actually watched them as they skimmed over the trees.

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