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    I was in Jamaica back in October via cruise ship. I have Sprint/Nextel. They told me that I could send/receive phone calls if I had correct phone. I purchased correct phone for GSM frequencies. (850,900,1800,1900)Never did work. I am wondering if Digicel has contract with Sprint? Will simply replacing sim card with Digicel sim work? Does phone need to be unlocked? I loved that beach so much I am flying in to CSA!

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    I have a Sprint phone also. I changed plan to worldwide data just to have service, except that it didn't work. I am still not sure why.

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    Did you call Sprint before your trip an enable international roaming? According to their map, Sprint has pretty good coverage in Jamaica. Careful of their rates, though.

    Voice Pricing: $1.99/minute
    Special Voice Pricing: $1.69/min. with plan
    Data Pricing: $0.016/KB
    Special Data Pricing: 1x Data: $0.002/KB

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