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    Default Love Away Plan Automatic Payments?


    All the members of my group and myself included booked last month for our upcoming CSA trip. Now we are wondering when the automatic payments will begin? Has this happen to anyone else. The date we placed our deposits which determines the date of the automatic withdrawal has already passed. I'm wondering if I should have everyone make their payments on there own via phone or wait for COUPLES to debit our accounts?

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    Hey, Jamaican Wifey! I booked our trip to CTI for Feb. 2010 using the Love Away Plan and so far the payments are coming out as scheduled at $100/month. You might want to call someone at Couples to make sure something didn't get messed up and they have your reservation. HTH

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    For questions on payments I would suggest contacting Couples direct for the answer. Toll Free: 800-268-7537

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    If you enrolled in the Love Away plan then I am sure the minimum $100 per month will be taken from your account. If you're wondering when, just give them a call.

    However, if you opt out of the Love Away plan (not sure if that's an option) then you can call the 800 number anytime you would like to make a payment and in any amount.

    No worries, mon! Just give them a call and they'll fix it.
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