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    Hey guys- I was reading awhile ago that all of the rooms at CSA allow smoking. I am very allergic to cigarette smoke and I am wondering if, for the non-smokers, they have ever noticed a lingering smoke smell in the rooms? I am in an atrium room - not sure if it matters.

    Also, along those same lines do they allow smoking in the restaurants and will I have trouble finding a spot on the beach sans smokers? Not to be a buzz kill many outdoor events have been ruined for me due to the lack of available fresh air.

    Thank you

    9 more days!!!

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    I really dislike cigarette smoke to the point where I have gotten off an elevator as a smoker has gotten on. Absolutely no smoke smell in the rooms. There is smoking at the open air restaurants, but there is some separation and again could not detect any. Odd, the only time I did was on the beach my DH and I somehow ended up sitting in a cluster of smokers. Didn't ruin my day either. We just moved a few feet and perfection.

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    I think I'm the only one to ever complain, but yes, our BVFS had the distinct smell of stale smoke. It hit me as soon as we walked through the doors. Maybe it was because it was on the 1st floor and the doors weren't open that much?

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    I have asthma and am very sensitive to cigarette smoke and, on three trips, have never noticed a smokey smell in our room (always a beachfront verandah suite). There is no carpeting in the rooms to hold the smell, which helps.

    Feathers does not allow smoking. The other restuarants have non-smoking sections. Sometimes the bar areas are the worst for smoking, like the bar at Patois. We usually just choose to move if a smoker lights up. Easier than being confrontational.

    Yes, there is a lot of smoking on the beach. Again, though, it is a huge beach, and we usually just move if it is really an issue.

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    We always stay in the Atrium rooms, and they have never smelled of cigarette smoke. There's no drapes for the smell to cling to, as the windows are all covered by wooden lovers. You will love your Atrium room, you've made a great choice. Enjoy CSA.
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    I too have a severe smoke allergy and have never had an issue at any of the four Couples. The rooms never hold any smoky smell. Once in a while someone in a room near yours may smoke on their balcony, but just go inside and go out there another time.

    On the beach it's easy to move away from anyone who smokes - the chairs have wheels!

    I've never been bothered at any of the restaurants, as long as we were on the non-smoking side.

    It's all good!!

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    While you can't smell the smoke in the rooms, we couldn't use our balcony all that often because of neighbours smoking on their balcony, the smoke and smell would drift onto ours. It was really annoying first thing in the morning when we just wanted to open our patio doors and greet the day...we couldn't.

    We did encounter some people smoking on the beach, the smell did drift our way, but we just moved our chairs. We didn't notice any smell in the restaraunt non-smoking sections.

    Enjoy your holiday, you'll love CSA!

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    Of course I meant to say louvers, not lovers.

    I "shutter" to think what the other would look like.
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    Thanks guys! I will cross that worry off my list!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cubismo View Post
    of course i meant to say louvers, not lovers.

    I "shutter" to think what the other would look like.

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    Cubismo - THANK YOU for the "lovers" misspelling!!! That was a great way to start my Saturday of mall shopping!!! ROTFL!!!!!!!

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