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    My wife and I are going to CSS this Wednesday for our Honeymoon, but we won't be arriving to Montego Bay airport until almost 4:00. I know some restaurants require reservations, and that Wed. is lobster night. So what will our options be to eat(Lobster of courese!) if we arrive late and don't have any reservations? Thanks.

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    Bella vista on the beach or room service. If you want lobster it will have to be Bella Vista. Have a great time.

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    That was one of our beefs about CSS. There are only three restaurants and two of them are reservation only in the evenings. We also arrived on Wednesday and did have lobster at the Bella Vista. It was very good, so even though it is you only choice, you will get a very good meal!
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    Excellent! Thank You. We are so excited to get there. Under 48 hrs. and we're off!

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