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    Default A new start for 2010

    It may be forty below where you are, or exceptionally warm, depending on where you reside,
    There may be mountains or highways, solid ground or changing tides.
    But at this time of the year, in the month of December, all around the globe,
    People from all different parts of the world, watch their "miracle" unfold.
    Every tradition is remembered and every story warms the heart,
    And along with all the celebrating, the planet gets a fresh start.
    With the month of January coming up, we all return to square one,
    Another chance to perhaps take a new path, maybe change some things you have done.
    It's a ritual that has been repeated throughout our history,
    I hope that by now, your new direction would be no mystery.
    We are all in this together, regardless of where you reside,
    If you reach out in times of need, there will always be someone by your side.
    The warmth and acceptance and understanding too, are just a few examples of what one will find on this silent conveyor of information,
    We laugh with and cry with each other, it is the same regardless of the nation.
    This message board is here for each of us in so many many ways,
    We ask questions, we give advice, we take the time to pray,
    For a distant stranger we may never meet, but because someone reached out,
    We reached back and offered comfort, there was never any doubt.
    Posting on the board is like having a secret pass that will unlock the gates to unlimited happiness and joy, at least for a week or two,
    There is sun and sand and an ocean to swim in, you'll never run out of things to do.
    But when we can't be there, because we have to be here,
    There is still a place we can go,
    To soak up the warmth and the laughter,
    By now I am sure that you know,
    It's the message board for sure. Filled will all of our emotions,
    We can visit there any time, day or night, you don't even have to put on any lotions.
    So until it's time for your next excursion, stay tuned to this electronic airway,
    And read all about Couples coming and going, and pretty soon,
    It will be your day.

    For each and every single individual that is in any way connected to the Couples family, anywhere, I wish for harmony and understanding, peacefulness and tranquility, great health, prosperity and humility.

    A very happy holiday to all.


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    Richie, you rock. wonderful post. Merry Christmas to you and Syl.


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    Love reading your posts! Joe and I will have the honor and pleasure of meeting you in March.
    Happy Holidays to you and to all!

    Donna and Joe

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