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    Default My Wedding 11-21 w/ Diana Campbell

    My husband and I got married November 21, 2009 at Couples Negril and it was AMAZING!! For starters, the best thing we ever did was hire Diana Campbell! Our wedding was at 10am so I tried to make a hair appt. at 8am but come to find out, one of the stylists was sick that day and there was no one avaliable to do my hair so I was forced to do it Actually, I should note that Giselle, the wedding coordinator, was insistent that she would call someone to come in and do it but one thing I know is that the resort employees work 6 days a week, 8 hour days, so the idea of her calling someone in on their one day off to do my hair seemed a little much. With that said, I woke up at 8am to do my own hair and get ready and my best friend and Diana weren't far behind and they helped me sooooo much in getting ready and with my hair! It looked beautiful and I'm so glad things worked out the way they did.

    Diana was so helpful and really went way out of her way to make me feel beautiful. Her and Richard are both very professional but yet personal. I really felt comfortable with both of them! I got our pics back just a couple days after the wedding and was blown away with how they turned out! What's funny is that I had to do my own hair, my face was broke out badly from stress, and the day we got married ended up being the hottest day we were down there and we were there 10 days, so I was certain we were going to look miserable in our photos. Well after getting the pics, I went to the internet cafe to look at them and couldn't believe how amazing they were! Diana and Richard spent so much time making sure they got every perfect shot and kept patting the sweat off of us and were so patient w/ us through the whole thing. Plus there was NO time limit which was huge. We literally watched the resort photographer do 2 different photo shoots before we even got done with ours. I should mention as well that my husband and I are not very photogenic at all and are constantly deleting photos from our camera but out of the more than 100+ photos we received, I couldn't find a single one I didn't like! Plus, we got a DVD that was well put together and so romantic, it made my mother in law ball her eyes out! lol. You can just tell that they put so much time and effort into everything and really want to make sure you're happy!

    Also, Diana and Richard came back two days later and took us to the Mayfield Falls. OMG!! Best trip we ever had! We had soooo much fun and we have the most amazing photos from the Falls that are once in a lifetime shots. My husband, who is very much a manly man, has been showing those off to everyone! Richard was able to get a ton of pics in motion and it was a very intimate and natural photo shoot, plus we just had an awesome time! By far the most fun we had on vacation so if you do contact Diana, ask her about going to the Falls, trust me, it's well worth it and you won't be disappointed! Plus, they taught us so much about Jamaica and their culture. They did way more than any photographer should ever do for their clients and really treated us as their friends. I honestly couldn't think of a single negative thing to say about either of them and I would highly recommend them to anyone. If you are considering an outside photographer please contact Diana at I promise you will not be disappointed. I'm going to post 2 links, one of some of my wedding photos and one of the Mayfield Falls photos. I actually have more wedding photos on another CD of the actual ceremony, reception, getting ready, etc. but just haven't had time since we've been back to upload them on Snapfish. You can pretty much get the feel for evreything though just from these. If you would like to see more photos or you have trouble with the links, please email me at and I'll send you the rest or if you just have questions, I'd be happy to help

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    Thanks for posting your review and photos! So beautiful!

    We're getting married at CN in March 2010. Do you remember what brand of eyeliner you used for your makeup? I'm worried that in the heat my eyeliner will run before the photos are even taken!

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    Congrats! Your pics are beautiful! I cant imagine you and your husband not being photogenic. I love your dress, who makes it? Thanks for your review.

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    Your pictures are beautiful! Your dress is amazing! We got married in March '09" @ CSA, we used Stacey Clarke she did a great job BUT I must say your photo's are just as nice!!

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    Thank you!!! I used Covergirl smudgefree eyeliner and it really is smudgefree. Later I tried to take it off to go to the beach and it gave me a fight but I guess that's a good Also, I got my dress at David's Bridal. It's a shame you can't see the detail in the pics but it actually has ivory beading throughout the whole dress and is even more beautiful in person. But thank you again, for the compliments, very kind

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