I just got an email notification from USAirways about a change in our itinerary. Nothing big, a few minutes here and there. However, I took the opportunity to check our flight schedule and seat assignments, and lo and behold, there was a change in aircraft.

Why is this important, you ask?? Well, the original flight had a plane with 2 seats on each side divided by a center isle. The new plane (a 767) has 3 seats, 2 seats, and 3 seats across (two aisles). Since my husband and I had adjacent seats 7A and 7C reserved, we were no longer sitting together under the new configuation (under the new configuration, there is a seat 7B).

I was able to easily change our seat assignments on-line so that we are sitting together.

Especially if you book your own flights, please be sure to check your flights and seat assignments periodically. Since most of us go to Couples on a romantic getaway, it wouldn't be awfully fun to be seated apart from your spouse on the trip.

Oh, and just a final thought from a frequent flier. Even when you have a seat assignment, the airlines like to say that all they guarantee you is a seat on that flight, not a particular seat (even when you have a reserved seat assignment). This is, sadly, true. However, you have a lot better chance of getting the seat you want if you can get your seat assignment in advance.