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    There's always one that spoils the fun it seems. Last week someone said to me that there was a perv on the beach that constantly was watching the women. I hadn't really noticed because we spent most of our time by the pool. Well on Thursday, he began coming to the pool and hanging out for 30 mins or so at a time, leaving his wife on the beach. Several of us noticed it and thought it was a little strange. On Friday he spent alot of time in the pool by himself, just looking around, trying to strike up conversation with anyone that would talk to him. Someone nicknamed him "360" because of how he would stand and turn circles in the pool looking around. It began to make some of the ladies a bit uncomfortable and most everyone started shunning him. As the evening ended at sunset, he had gotten in the hottub with a couple that had just arrived on Friday. Later that night, we heard that he had made a very crude suggestion to the lady. Also, as the folks from the textile side came over at sunset, he made it a point to parade himself directly in front of them as they were trying to enjoy the sunset.
    I felt sorry for his wife because it was obvious that she was not really comfortable on the nude side, but he had convinced her to come there so he could get his thrills. I mentioned to the bartender that he had made people uncomfortable and she assured me that he would be confronted on Saturday if he continued what he was doing. We left early on Saturday, so I don't know if he did or not.
    Hopefully this is not a problem for others on SSB.
    D & L

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    Default perv!

    when we went to h last june, there was a single guy trying to hit on my wife while I was playing volleyball. after he gave up,he went into the hottub & try'd his luck & bullshit story's on different people. he was gone that nite. It was easy to see what he was up to.

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    We were on SSB beginning 12/12 for the entire week and there was no such guy there so they must have confronted him and asked him to stop.

    SSB was a fantastic experience and oh so much fun!
    ... it keepsh me shane

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