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    Default Question for the women..guys do not enter it's not something u want to hear.

    So what if you're on your period while in Jamaica?? Do you still go AN? Or wear just bottoms? I'm hoping I can dodge it but we leave in 3 days and I still haven't started!!!! And I took a test so I know I'm not preggers.

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    I wondered the same thing when I was there. Thank God I was not on my cycle. They do not let you wear ANY clothes so I dont think wearing bottoms would work. I assume you would skip the whole AN thing OR (and excuse me if this sounds gross) but wear a tampon and cut the string shorter?? But I dont think I would get in the water - jmo.

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    Been there....e-mail me and I will tell you what I

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    I definitely still go AN. I just wear t.p.'s -- tie a few knots right toward the base (so you can get a grip on it later), then just cut the string off sort of close to the knot. I always go in the water w/ no problems. I usually go back to the room after lunch & start fresh. I've never had any "uh oh" situations following these steps !!

    Sorry if that's too much info !!

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    You can try the DivaCup.

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    Insteads also work, you can find them at a larger drug store.

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    what is the divacup??? too curious

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    You can Google them to find out. Insteads and Divacups work the same.

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    Regarding going in the water with tampons in - isn't their a danger of TSS doing that? Something about the bacteria in the water?

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    Been there. If you wear a tp you can just tuck the string if you know what I mean. I am in that awful midlife thing and it never fails, can go 3, 4, 5 months without it and come vacation, there it is! Oh well. Tucking it worked last year for me. Don't worry about it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJG in IA View Post
    Regarding going in the water with tampons in - isn't their a danger of TSS doing that? Something about the bacteria in the water?
    TSS has to do with wearing it to long. Folow the other advice and have fun. No problems MON

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    I always adjust when I get mine with my BC pills.
    CLEAR THIS WITH YOUR GYNO FIRST! However, mine says it's no problem the one time a year I do it.

    If you're not on the pill, I've had friends that have done what's suggested above.... use tampons and cut the string a little shorter.

    I'd rather not go to JA at all, if I couldn't go to the AN beach!! LOL

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    I've been tracking my cycle for the last year so that I figure out if I'll have it during our trip next month. Last month, when it looked like it was going to be too close to guess, I asked my doctor if she could prescribe 'the pill' for a couple months so I could artificially skip it. I know this won't help you in the next 3 days, but it may help someone else.

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    W/ the instead, tho you can have the s-e-x.....

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    If you start and you can't use Diva or Instead and you can't cut tampon strings shorter, or even if you can, my doctor told me that megadoses of Ibuprofen taken regularly can help stop the bleeding and other symptoms of your period. I'm on the progestin-only pill so I don't take blanks and I don't have regular periods, and can end up with several per month, so they always show up at the most inconvenient times. This trick works pretty well for me.

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    Thanks for the tip. We have been agonizing over this for months. We specifically planed the trip around her period and guess what! Landing right on it!!! Next week is the trip. I'm still hoping for the best and so is she. We will make the best of it.

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    Default Huge Thank You

    Quote Originally Posted by cypresspeeps View Post
    You can try the DivaCup.
    As it turns out I should have mine during our visit in April...We are Islanders and I saw your post...SO I took the plunge last week and went to my local "Natural foods" store and found it...Just finished this months cycle yesterday, and it took abt two days for me to get it sitting properly without leakage...BUT I'm totally on the Diva Cup...No more pads no more tampons for this lady.... Feel so liberated...Thank You

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    I called my doc and they put me on birth control pills for 2 months (during my scheduled stay at Couples) so I will continuously take the pill (skip the placebos) and hence, skip my period! WA HOO!

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    The very first time I went I started my period. This was my very first A/N experience too. I didn't bring scissors so I had a string that I tucked in *excuse the grossness of that statement* But as the day goes on and drinks start pouring...yeah you forget about the string. The next day the TI bartender did let me wear my bottoms but he "KNEW" I really was on my period and I wasn't trying to dodge a "getting naked" bullet. So if you think you are going to start buy some OB tampons without the strings...or cut all strings short, someone else said that and GREAT IDEA!! To me having my bathing suit bottoms on was just as "branding" as a tampon string after awhile.

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    BTW 5,949 Views...I think the guys have been looking hahahahahaahaha

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    I just wanted to hit this thread, because I've seen a lot of questions about AN and perriods...

    That being said, I've been using the Diva Cup for abt a year now...and I'm so hooked on it...I've even gotten two friends, and one daughter on it...I'm working on the other three daughters..

    Yes you can use tampons, and either cut the string shorter, or tuck it...OR OR you can get away from all the paper/cotton products and try the cup...Oh and my period is shorter too.... Use to be a full 7 days, now it's 4 or 5 depending on the month...

    My suggestion is to try it a month or two before you go on vacation...It does take some practice to get it in properly...but once you "get it" you will not use any other product again...I promise...

    Especially if you love the AN experience...

    Good Luck Ladies...

    BTW they have a website to purchase it or I got mine in Whole Foods...

    Jamaica in 16 days...for two weeks and Aunt Flow will be there too..

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    Another thing you can consider if you have a couple months, Natural Progesterone. When your progesterone dips it gives signals to your body to start your period. Taking Natural Progesterone just makes the body think it's not time to start yet. You can do the same thing with BC pills but Natural Progesterone is safer.

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    OMG.....This is the cutest post ever!!!!

    Posting from CTI YAY!!!! This is our second trip but on our first trip it took me 3 days to build up the courage to go to the Island, needless to say I was imediately hooked!!! Next day PERIOD....UGH!!! Hubby thought well thats that....But I was hooked and there was NO WAY I was not going back, so I cut the string.....worked perfect just have to be mindful of the situation and stay CLEAN....You know what I mean!!!! This time totally planned around that so no problem MON!!! But in a pinch it works!!! The Diva sounds cool if you have time to pratice!!!!


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    To all the responders to this post!
    I think you are all awesome! That "time of the month" should NEVER prevent a woman from enjoying the AN experience with the love of her life NOR should it be used as an EXCUSE to circumvent the rules.....AN means NAKED no matter the time of the month!

    One Love!

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    oh thank goodness! We planned around mine and boom, 2 months before it skipped a week back to line up perfectly with my first ever trip to a tropical paradise. Went on BC this week to hopefully curb the flo. Will be there in 2 weeks. But now I am not scared to just deal with it! weeeee! Ready to get AN in JA

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