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    Default Csa water in december

    Hello everyone

    We have been to CSA 5 times. Generally go in December but last year went in late February. One of the things we love to do is float in the ocean...We have a pool at home so we spend our days on the beach. The last few times we have been (once in December and late February) the water was very rough, boogie board rough..such a bummer for those of us that like to float and snorkel. When we started coming to CSA in 2014 the water was like glass most of the time. I know it cant be helped and its all up to mother nature. Any of you have any advice as to what time of year the water is the calmest? Dumb question I know.....also for you veterans out there, any major changes since Feb 2017? We stay in Ocean Veranda suites

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    From what people have said - I know that the winds start picking up in November/December and are the worst through January and February - we went once in August and it was the best for floating and snorkeling.

    We went this last November and it was a bit cool and windy/cloudy but oddly enough - very little rain.

    However, On any given day the winds will pick up more and more as the day goes on so getting up early can help.

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