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    Default CTI or SSB? or....

    Good evening folks,
    New to the board and taking our first trip to Couples in May next year. I am having a heck of a time figuring out the "best fit" for us. We are total beach bums and just like to relax and read. Might try and excursion or two, might not Wife prefers topless, may do AN.

    We are thinking Ocho Rios this year. CTI looks like we would be disappointed with no topless on the beach there. San Souci looks awesome, however, lack of topless on the main beach would be a bummer as well.

    Am I missing something in the options or is our best fit at CN or CSA? Thanks, this is a great board folks have here,


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    Out of curiosity when in May are you going? We are going 4-12…. My girlfriend feels the same way… not positive about AN but may want to go… for that reason we chose CTI, as you probably know they have the “private Island” that may make you more comfortable doing AN… I have never been but there from the posts here, you can go find a quiet corner and be by yourself or if you feel more up to it walk up to the bar/pool area and socialize… That may be the best option for you but again only saying that from reading posts here not personal experience…

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    I'm pretty sure topless IS allowed on the textile beach at CSS. But if you love the beach and want to try AN but definitely want to be able to be topless on the textile beach then I would suggest you consider CN. The beach on bloody bay is wide, long (about 2 miles), with lots of shade, the ocean is calm with a soft sandy bottom... it's a beautiful beach!

    Which ever Couples resort you choose you will have a fabulous vacation!


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    We've been to both CTI and CSS. At CTI you don't have to go to the "private island" for topless sunbathing. This is allowed at the end of the pier. We've seen some going topless at CSS on the main beach without an incident being made. As far as trying the AN's easier to walk off SSB at CSS than to have to wait for a boat to bring you back from the "private island" if you decide it's not for you. SSB is larger so if you're looking for a secluded place to veg out on the beach in a "quiet corner" it's easier than at CTI.

    The difference in excursions is that CSS does not offer the horseback riding or catamaran cruise while CTI does.

    Hope this answers the questions you posed.

    Bart & Bug

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    We just returned from CSS this weekend. Toplessness is allowed on the textile side, but I never saw a single lady topless the entire week we were there. It is set up nicely though, that if you want to go topless and not feel uncomfortable, then go to the West side of the watersports area and you will be isolated from everyone else. There are some loungers set up on that side and I did see a couple over there that may have been topless. I didn't go over to see, so I'm not sure if they were or not. As for the nude beach, it is a nice size and is easy to isolate yourself if you want to. Those who wanted to keep a low profile tended to stay to the East end of the beach, away from the pool area. But my suggestion is to hang out by the pool and meet some folks. The AN fear that you have will soon go away once you get there if you'll just give it a chance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jt&ct View Post
    . . . . We are total beach bums and just like to relax and read . . . . Wife prefers topless, may do AN . . . .
    We've been to all four of the resorts, and we do exactly what you do. We love the beach and spend almost the entire day there, relaxing and reading but also spending some time in the ocean.

    If a spectacular beach is your top priority, then I definitely recommend one of the Negril resorts. While CTI and CSS both have their fans, we were unimpressed with the beaches. Because you might want to try an a/n beach and CSA doesn't have one, CN seems better suited for you. We've been to CN 12 times. It's our favorite, and the reason is the beach. It's located on Bloody Bay, a two-mile stretch of Seven Mile Beach. There is little foot traffic compared to Long Bay, the five-mile stretch of Seven Mile Beach, and it's easy to find a spot away from others where you can relax together.

    The beach at CTI and the main beach at CSS, however, are private and located wholly within the resort's property. Thus, there's aren't people from other resorts or vendors walking along the shore line, and their aren't the "vendors" on jet skis trolling for customers along the rope that designates the area for swimming. Long walks on the beach are not an option; the beaches are simply too small.

    You can have a fantastic time at any of the resorts. If you haven't already done so, I suggest reviewing the dining and accommodation options for each resort, taking the photo tours, looking at photos posted by guests on the photo mega thread on this MB, and checking out the panoramic views on the aerial map. This will provide you with a lot of information and give you a feel for each resort's layout and amenities. That might make aid you in making your selection. Whichever you choose, I hope you have a great trip.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    We will be there the 4th to the 8th. The more I research, the more I think I am leaning to CSS as I think we will like the beaches and the general resort layout better

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    Default Thanks folks!

    Pamela, Bart and Bug, still_lovin and Rocklin,
    Thanks so much for the replies and all the insight. The feedback and descriptions were exactly what we were looking for to help make the final decision.

    I think we are going to wind up at CSS this time and save CN for the next trip (I may regret the decision as I see Pamela is always right) We are also tacking a few days at "another high-end" resort out on the cliffs in Negril that we dearly love.

    Once again, thanks for the feedback and opinion to help us learn about the different properties and figure out the one that will suit us best,

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    I just want to note that you don't stand naked while you wait for transit on the island at CTI. You wear clothes until you get to your lounger or to the pool or hammock. When you are leaving, you get dressed and walk to the pier. You don't have to feel uncomfortable while waiting for the boat if AN wasn't your thing.

    I do have to say that my girl called it the "boat of shame" on our first trip out there... then she experienced how wonderful the Island AN experience is and we went back every day and proudly discussed it with people at dinner and on excursions. We made a lot of friends while at CTI, most of them we met on the Island or recognized them at dinner and struck up a conversation. We kept to ourselves the first two days, did the "go right" thing and just found a peaceful spot to lounge and read. The third day we went to the pool for a bit but that really wasn't our scene, so we just kept going to the right side each day after.

    She was very hesitant to go out there but once there, she thought it was a thousand times more relaxing than the beach! Plus, no wet swimsuits to deal with! We did notice a little bit of topless on the pier... but I say go to the island, you'll be happy that you did! And if you don't like it for some reason, just go back, you won't stand there waiting for more than a few minutes, so really, you don't have much to lose.

    It was our first time going AN anywhere... and at CTI in November, we really enjoyed it and will definitely go back and go to the island again!

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    SSB@ CSS is beautiful & private. You wont be disappointed.

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