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    Default Howard on Couples Negril catamaran

    When we were at Couple Negril in November 2017, When we went on the Cat in the afternoon, we were told that the bartender, Howard, was no longer with that company. I have recently seen a you tube video for Couples Negril that should Howard on the catamaran. As far as I know, this was a video that might have been taken in October 2017 and finally posted. Does anyone who has been there since November 2017 know if by any chance, Howard is back on the boat? Thanks for you help.

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    We were at CN in February 2018. I don't recall seeing anyone named Howard but I can tell you this. When we were on the Catamaran Cruise we were talking to the crew. We learned that the company in Negril that they use for this cruise has three catamarans and a crew for each catamaran. All three catamarans are the same. These three catamarans can rotate assignments so even if Howard still worked for the company there is a 33% chance you would get him.

    A funny thing happened during our last trip. During one trip the Catamaran captain got confused and tries to drop off passengers at Swept Away instead of Couples Negril. They were almost to shore when one of the crew mentioned to the captain he was at the wong resort. No big deal as the error was corrected. Still thought it was funny.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise
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    Mad Jack,

    Thanks for getting back to me on the Bartender, Howard on Couples Catamaran. I kind of suspect like we were told, he is not longer with this company. Oh my! that is funny about almost being taken to Couple Swept away!

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