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    Default Pictures of CSA Beachfront Suite Bathroom :)

    I know it sounds odd but does anyone have pictures of the bathroom in the Beach Front Suite. We are booked for April 10-17. I understand there are no Beachfront suites with a bathtub. Is this info correct or do some have bathtubs? Is it a bigger shower than normal if there is no tub. Tracey isn't that keen on shaving legs in the shower.
    Does anyone have pictures that show the bathroom... or more pics of the room itself would be nice too.

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    While I don't have pics, I can assure Tracy that she will be fine shaving. There is a really nice ledge/seat at the back of the shower. Both the shower and the ledge are VERY large. Big enough to two (wink, wink). I stand in the shower, prop my leg up on the ledge and eureka. Shaved legs with no worries.


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    I just shaved before

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    Default Bathroom Pics

    Ron&Tracey These 2 pics are of a Beachfront Verandah Suite.
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    Thanks, i'm actually looking at the "beachfront suite" not a verandah suite

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    There are 4 beachfront suites with bathtubs, they are the ones with the huge verandahs.

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    The suites that used to have bathtubs have been remodeled and now have a huge zero entry shower. We stayed in one of those on our last trip in April of last year.... so no more tubs on the Original side.

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    would you happen to know beachfront suites (building #'s)have the bathtubs?

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