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    Default Dunn's River/Cruise ships

    Does anyone recall what days the Cruise lines usually get in? We are planning on doing Dunn's River and want to avoid those crowds if possible.

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    Go on Sundays - no cruise ships in port that day.

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    There ARE cruise ships there on Sundays now. You need to check the specific dates on a web sitre such as
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    CN 2006, CSS 2009, CN 2009, CN 2010, CTI 2010, CN 2011, CSS 2012, CN 2012, CN 2013, CSA 2014, CN 2014, CSA 2015, CN 2015, CN 2016, CN 2018, CN2019

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    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    We went on the 6th (Sunday) and it was very quiet - no cruise ships in.

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    We were in Ochi in November and there were cruise ships in port on Sunday but none on the Saturday we were there. We went to Mystic Mountain on a Saturday and there was no one there

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    We watched cruise ships come in and out of port each day (except Friday) during our recent visit to CTI. We went to Dunn’s River Falls on Wednesday and we were clearly ahead of the tour groups coming from the cruise ship on that day. I’m guessing that the 9:00 AM departure from CTI for Dunn’s River may be early enough to beat the cruise ship crowd on many days, just based on what time of morning we saw the ships sail into port during our week.

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