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    Default Bob Marley Mausoleum - nine miles

    We are going to be at CTI in April and were wondering if anyone has been to Bob Marley Mausoleum in Nine Miles. What did you think? How did you get there? Cost? Was it worth missing a day at CTI?

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    Yes, we did t last March. You can arrange it through the Couples Tour Desk. There are two offered by Chukka. We did the Zion Bus Tour. The other one is a jeep tour. I would recommend the bus tour over the jeep one. There is a driver and a guide on the bus. The guide plays Bob Marley music and talks about Bob's life, music and history. Very informative and interesting. The van takes you from the resort to the Chukka office. You wait 20-30 minutes and then board the bus. We rode for about an hour an then stopped at a little roadside place for a snack (beef wraps..not sure of the offical name). Then it was about an hour more on a narrow winding mountain road to Nine Mile. There is a tour guide there that gives a nice tour that was also very informative. There is a gift shop too (of course). We were there for about an hour. On the way back, we stopped at the same place for lunch...jerk chicken and pork, rice, festivas and lemonaide. It cost 80-90 $ each. It was fun, but probably only worth it for hard core Bob Marley fans (which my wife is).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Juco View Post
    We are going to be at CTI in April and were wondering if anyone has been to Bob Marley Mausoleum in Nine Miles. What did you think? How did you get there? Cost? Was it worth missing a day at CTI?
    I have been to 9 miles twice. It is an all day trip, meaning you will leave at about 8 and return to your resort at about 3 or 4. The drive is long up through a very large mountain. On both trips we stopped along the way. The first trip our stop was at a local store/bar where you could purchase random things or get something to drink. The second trip gave out beef patties for free and you could purchase something to drink. If you take the Zion bus, they offer some complimentary cocktails. The first time it was rum punch and beer, the second time it was just rum punch and they were skimpy with the pour.

    We also stopped halfway up the mountain at the Natural Mystic mountains (breath taking and about the song Bob Marley wrote) During that stop, both times we were asked if we wanted to purchase smoke (not cigarettes)! Once you arrive at nine mile,it is very small and the tour is short. The first part of the tour is a show of some of his gold records along with story telling. A good tour guide will sing some of his songs. When you get to his resting place, there are two houses. You go into the first and it is only a re enactment of what it looked like when he live there (very small). There is a guy or two behind that building also selling smoke. You end your tour at the Mosoleum where you must take off your shoes (I think). Bob Marleys Mosoleum practically takes up the entire building. You can purchase a candle to light if you wish. This part was very spiritual for me. They have a gift shop and a bar and usually a guy that sells a spiked (with smoke) sweet tea at the end of the trip. On your way back down the hill, you will stop for a light Jamaican meal. The first time it was served family style and there was alot of food (rice, chicken, beans, and lemonade), the second time they had similar food but very small portions, nothing to fill you up! There is lots of story telling up at the buildings also. If you have an open mind this trip is for you! Hope this helps! The cost was 60-75 dollars

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    Nine Mile isn't that far from CTI. Itveould not take all day... It's all day from Negril - not from Ochi.
    I would hire a private driver through the Tour Desk so you cam plan your own day. Also, it's better to take the your inside with just the two of you instead of those Chukka or Zion groups.

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