Having just returned from our first Couples vacation, and based on what I have sensed from reading the message board, there seem to be a number of favorite drinks enjoyed at the different Couples resorts that are not on the drink menus. So this thread is an invitation for folks to share their favorite “not-on-the-drink menu” Couples concoctions.

I’ll start if off: As recent first-timers to Jamaica at CTI, we quickly learned to enjoy a delicious rum cream on the rocks in the evening. So we asked what other drinks might they make with rum cream. The bartender at the patio bar (I wish I remembered her name) came up with a great little frozen drink made with rum cream, Frangelico, Amaretto, and simple syrup. This new beverage was great, very reminiscent of a tasty chocolate shake! When we asked what it was called, it was evident that she did not have a name for it, so she simply named it after her companion bartender at that moment, the delightful Antoinette. Well, we drank a lot of “Antoinettes” throughout the rest of our stay at CTI and we often recommended this drink to other guests who generally responded with raves of their own. Several of the bartenders both at the patio bar and the swim-up bar were making “Antoinettes” by the end of the week. Antoinette herself made up our last “Antoinette” late Saturday morning, just an hour before we got on the bus to leave. If you are visiting CTI, ask Antoinette for one of her now signature drinks, and enjoy!