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    Default CSA Review 27 Nov - 4 Dec

    For our first trip to a Couples resort we made an excellent choice. We had never been to the Negril side of the island and the beaches are gorgeous! We flew TimAir to the resort, it was only 15 minutes, with a great view. We stayed in a Beachfront Verandah Suite (room 3323), with a great ocean view. We watched the sunsets from our balcony every evening, can't beat that! The only issue we had with the room was being to able to spend time on our huge balcony...most times we wanted to be out there we couldn't enjoy it as the smoke smell from rooms below would prevent us. It's too bad they don't have any non-smoking buildings.

    The choice of restaurants really suited us, as you could have a buffet or a la carte for all meals, with the food quality being excellent at all restaurants.

    We really enjoyed Ultimate Chocolate on Thursday night for the name that tune challenge! The Aura Lounge is very classy and a fun place to spend the evening.

    The flag service on the beach was a nice bonus, as well as the daily fruit kebabs, cold cloths and being spritzed with rose water. We sure were spoiled. Another nice perk was the 24 hour free internet room.

    We took advantage of the trading places program and visited Couples Negril one day. We were glad to have a chance to see it and compare with CSA, we were sure happy we chose CSA as CN wasn't for us.

    The fitness centre was amazing, we couldn't believe what they offered. If you are into fitness in any way, this is the place to go. We did enjoy the spa for our free massages and the buddha jacuzzi. We also liked the juice and smoothie bar and would wander over there in the morning to sit and enjoy one (and maybe a game of ping pong).

    What can we say about 7 mile beach that hasn't already been date it's the best beach we have encountered in all our travels. It was cool to see a stingray two days in a row.

    The staff were second to none, always had a smile and were happy to do whatever they could to make your holiday perfect.

    It was great to meet some people from the Couples board, Josh & Amy and Mike & Christy and Sbwppines & her husband!

    We will definitely return to CSA but have our sights on CSS in January!

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    Karen... It was great meeting you! We had a great time and can't wait for next year.
    CSA Junkie! Next trip -- November 28th!

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    Great review!! Thanks for sharing your trip with us

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    So glad to hear you had a good time. Thanks for the review. We head back Friday and I'm so excited. Still debating the flight over to Negril.

    Kevin & Angie

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