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    Default I should know better but...

    I still check the weather in Jamaica. I know that always says it's raining in Negril but I still freak out when it's forecasting rain our entire trip!

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    Default Rain, no problem!!

    We had rain for at least 4 days during our week in November. 15 minutes of clouds and sprinkles, moved to under umbrella or trees a couple of times, stayed in pool when we were already in. A good shower while we were getting ready for dinner once and once late at night, no problem to us! It doesn't last long and sounds nice and soothing in the evening. All short lived, no longer than 15 minutes. Nothing to worry about and it doesn't ruin anything! It's not a problem, just a situation!!!!

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    I keep doing the same thing! We've never been to Jamaica before and everyone is telling me to calm down....
    I just can't!

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    Okay, because you choose to check it out, take the next step and repeat this montra--"rain in Jamaica is better than rain at home". If that doesn't help, repeat--"anytime/anything in Jamaica is better than being at home".

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    Don't look!!!!!!! I say that every trip, but I still look too! In 3 trips to JA, we had 10 min of rain one trip, second trip no rain, third trip 3 solid days of rain, but we still had a blast.

    Just keep telling yourself it is something you cannot control, TRY to quit looking, and make the most out of your trip!!!!

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    During the months of June-November, it's guaranteed that there will be rain every day, so the forecasts are usually correct. But....unless we're under a 'freak' storm front or hurricane approach, the rains rarely last all day, or even more than two hours.

    Not sure when you're coming, but we've now started the 'dry season'....rain is still needed to keep things green and lush, but rainfall will be minimal and days and days can go by with not a drop. The worst dry spell I've ever seen was after Hurricane Ivan (6+ years ago) 8 month drought. The poor island was brown and crunchy, self combusting in the heat. This year went 6 months before our good heavy rains restored the beauty. Forecasts are calling for another good long drought that we've apparently already, chances are, the only showers you'll encounter will be those in the resort bathroom.

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    just got back last nite
    rained every day for 20-30 minutes
    a glorious 10 days

    Happy Anniversary
    Brian and Donna

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