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    Default See You in 5 days!

    Hellllloooooo Jamaica!

    My husband and I are taking our belated honeymoon to Couples TI in 5 days and we are incredibly excited! Its pretty hard to contain ourselves- we've been talking and dreaming about this for MONTHS! Anyhoo, just wondering if there are any tips out there as to what to expect, pack, and do.This is our first time visiting Jamaica. Yes, we're virgins to THIS experience-hahaha But, we're looking forward to our trip!!!

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    I have not visited a Couples yet but will in 2 weeks...anyhoo (lol), This will be my 7th trip to Jamaica. You either love Jamaica or you hate it. You will love it because you chose a couples and they include so many things that you normally have to pay for at other resorts. Dunn's fall for example. I have been 3 times while at other resorts but paid to take the trip as extra. The same thing with horseback riding. I was at a resort that charged $180 to scuba dive. Even the shopping shuttle is included (all of these amenities apply at CTI as I know it!) We have negotiated rides into and out of downtown Ocho rios, rented a driver for the day, etc. All these costly things are included. I hope you like curry! Most of Jamaica's ethnic food has it in it! If not like any resort they have a large variety to choose from I am sure. Ok, so Jamaica is my favorite place on earth (based on where I have been so far) so I will tell my loves; beef patties, curried goat, appleton rum, hearing reggae music on sunny days, the fellowship of meeting people at the resorts, the mountains you see with houses on them, that beautiful caribbean sea,it's hypnotic, having a cocktail IN THE MORNING and not feeling guilty about it, sleeping in and hearing the ocean at night, when the tropical weather hits you as soon as you exit the airport, seeing goats walking around like dogs (they all have owners and are basically dinner, not pets),the way Jamaicans talk (their accents), wearing cute outfits to go to dinner at night, holding hands with my boyfriend for no particular reason, jerk chicken, how prideful Jamaicans are (they sing alot too), rum cakes, the stop your shuttle makes while you are on your way to the resort (we always get a beer), how cars honk when they pass each other, being waited on because you are at a you can see 14 days cannot come fast enough, please report on how your experience goes...have a great time

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    They didn't have the blue shower gel last week at CTI but there's plenty at Swept Away

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