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    My wife and I have booked CTI in February and are interested to go to Tower Isle. We have not bathed nude in public before and were wondering the etiquette. Do you go up to the bar nude? Do you talk to others in the nude? This is all so confusing and don't want to seem ignorant. Help please!!!

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    Both CN and CSS have signs that state "Clothing is NOT optional".

    There is an entire section of the message board dedicated to this issue. Check out this link for a boat load of information about the au natural areas of the Couples resorts.
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    Check out the au natural threads---it's a plethora of information about those things you question----Relax, enjoy, you're not alone in your quest for knowledge--

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    FYI, there's an AN section on the board that you could have posted this to, and there's lots of other info posted there. Make sure you check it out! In th AN areas of the resorts, the main rule is that everyone is AN. Aside from that, you can socialize as much or as little as you'd like. Yes, you go to the bar and everything else AN.

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    Hi AFosty,
    When on the Island,act as you would on any clothed beach. Its just that you are more comfortable witout a bathing suit. The wonderful folks that you will meet there are not judgemental toward anyone. As you read this board, many will tell you 2 things: Visit the Island on your first day and just jump right in to the atmosphere. Walk to the bar, get a drink, and strike up a conversation with someone. End of apprehensions!!!! As Fred always says " You meet the nicest people on a naked beach" By the way, when in Feb. We will be there 2/11 thru 2/17. Enjoy !!!!

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    You are on the right message board to answer all of your questions and more. Explore the Au Naturel section of the board. All of your questions will be answered and then some! Specifically, you can participate as much or as little as you desire regarding your personal "exposure" to other guests. There are places to be more secluded and nearly alone to the full swim-up bar friendly discussions with other participants. It's all good.


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    yes you go to the bar nude, and talk to other nude also. A better place to get more info would be on the au naturel message board.

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    As posted go on your first day and if it helps, have a mimosa or bloody Mary while at breakfast. Then go get on the boat, get the island early, stake out your chair, lay out your stuff and get comfortable.

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    I found the AN Message board thank you. We will be there 2/10-2/17 look forward to meeting you guys then. Can't wait!!!

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