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    Default Christmas at CSS

    We'll be at CSS for Christmas, which is on a Friday, the Gala Night. What can we expect?

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    Default Gala Extraordinaire on Christmas Day

    My friend , you can be sure that this will be a Gala Extraordinaire on Christmas Day as only Pierre and his Culinary Experts and Masterful Chefs could present . And guess what ? This will only happen at Sans Souci . Merry Christmas when it comes . Enjoy

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    That Barko and his wife will be there. We like to know also.

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    We will be there for XMAS too, 24-31st. What happens on the Gala day/night?

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    I have a follow up question. Are there fewer or more guests than normal around Christmas at CSS?

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    Default Xmas @ CSs

    I had the same thought, so I tried to book a room for the days we'll be there (12/18-26) and there were no rooms available.

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