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    Default Mystic Mountain

    I read about this place on the internet. They have zip lines and bobsleds. Has anyone been there? How far is it from CSS? Would you recommend it?

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    It's right by Dunns River Falls, not far at all, haven't been there though.

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    We went in October, it was great! We went on a Saturday, there were no Cruise ships in port. You have to ride the chair lift, it's the only way up & down. The bobsled was lots of fun, we rode it twice (had to pay $20 for the 2nd but was worth it to us), it goes through the jungle. The zipline was awesome. I was a little worried that they had cut down all the trees in the making but the company is from Costa Rica that built it and you are really in the jungle. I believe the whole complex they only took out exactly what they needed to build each thing. The guides were fantastic. The views from the top were amazing, you can see the ocean from one side/mountains on the other. There is a restaurant/bar at the top with a infinity pool with slide. There is also a small museum. It's a beautiful and fun place.

    It sits right on the main road through Ochi, can't miss the sign coming in. If you are in Ochi, definitely try it.

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    Default bobsled!!!

    We went this past summer on the bobsled - it was alot of fun. We also went when there was no cruise ships in. You go as fast or slow as you want and you can go down by yourself or have a 'sled' connected to the back of yours. It was a blast and your picture is taken about half way down the ride and it is ready for you to look at by the time you get back to the terminal. I want to do it again next year when we go back. Be sure that you give yourself some time to get back down to the bus from the top - the 'ski lift' does take about 15 minutes to get back down.

    I would do it!!

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    Thanks for all the info!

    What a great photo Joanne! Now I am even more excited about our trip to CSS next year.

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    We did the Jamaican Bobsled ride at Mystic Mt. in April and loved it!
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    This looks really cool, thanks for posting the pic's guys!

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    It looks amazing!!!

    I can't believe how huge that cruise ship looks.

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