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    Default Photos of Penthouse or Hibiscus Cottage at CSS

    Anyone know of a place I can find ACTUAL photos (not the professional ones on the website) of any of the Penthouse Suites or Hibiscus Cottage at CSS? We'd love to book one of them but I want to see what they actually look like to figure if it's worth the upgrade price. (Yes, we are a couple that feels the room matters - so no advice needed on "don't pay extra for a nice room because you're never there"....)

    We've stayed at CSS before and know we want to go back but we are curious about these upgrades. Thanks in advance if you can help.

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    One other suggestion if you are a Facebook user. There are a couple of CSS groups that will probably have several "non-professional" pictures of the cottage and some of the penthouses.

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    We stayed in the Hibiscus Cottage for one of our trips. I have some personal photos I will share. You can email me at

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    I have some of a penthouse in Block D. I believe it's the Harry Belafonte room. Message me at

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    You might also look into the Prime Minister's Suite. We were upgraded to it one year.
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