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    Hello there! It's Kim Robinson. (kimarob). We went to CTI Nov.26th to Dec.5th 2009. It was wonderful. The remodel is great. Really love the recording of the tree frogs here. Really loud!!! And guess what Tommy? They also have a recording of the ocean too!!! Sounds just like it!! LOL. Shout out to the friends we met. Joe and Diane from Philadelphia and Mike and Sherry from San Diego and Penny and Jimmy Lee from Alabama!!! GREAT PEOPLE!!!! Talk to ya later. Kim

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    Kim...I KNOW who you are..Indeed I do.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed CTI..Peggy and I love CTI very much.
    Couples does an outstanding job with the tree frogs and ocean waves recordings..I watched them record them this past April.
    Were you able to carry supplies and visit the children on this trip?
    Isn't is also wonderful to meet strangers and turn them into life long hugging friends?
    Hope to meet you two one day at a Couples Resort..Yep,I do.

    Hugs from 10 0 C

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