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    Default Body Painting on CTI

    Does CTI sponsor body painting? (By sponsor I mean provide an artist to help with the painting or suggest ideas.) The island lends itself for this activity, especially near the end of the day. If CTI were to sponsor the activity would anyone else be interested?

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    I would definitely be up for that

    Im pretty sure IslandBliss would too...

    We did naked rock painting at CSS... but that was a little different... LOL

    RandyMon? can we?

    -The Captain

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    You're on your own guys. :-)

    Couples Resorts

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    Hey Charmo looks like your incharge of bringing the paints.. Ok Randy, well just have to oprganize this activity on our own!.. I'm still hoping to have an IPOD station on the island though...

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    Here is our version of body painting. April 2007

    I will understand completely if this picture can not be viewed. Oh, and the "lighthouse" thing. I have no recollection of his intent. Respect

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    Default What kind of paint

    My fiance and I are going to be at CTI in January for our honeymoon. We are looking at getting some paint to bring. Any advice on what type of paint to get? Latex body paint vs the other stuff, any pros and cons?

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    We used poster paint. It's water clean-up. However, if it stays on your body, out in the sun, for the rest of the day, it just may take a little scrubbing.

    Be creative!!


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    Thank you moderators


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    We will have an IPod docking station that we are planning on bringing to the island each day, so no worries. Also, we would definately be in on the body painting. See you guys in a few days!!!

    Brandon and Michelle

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    Where do you live? There may be an A.C.Moore or Michaels near you. Those are two very large craft stores. But simple poster paint should be easy to find.


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    Richie, do I even want to know what you posted for a picture? Lighthouse? Dear lord!

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    Who's is bringing the paint? I ain't no Monet, but do have a little talent to go with my wild imagination. Wish i had the time, I'd get the paint. Right now, tho, were flat out packing. were leaving tomorrow, and im working in the AM (yeah, that's NEVER a good idea, working the same day you leave, LOL)

    If you bring it, i'll paint it

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing all of you on the island

    -The Captain

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    Charmo, Richie has the right idea. Poster paint works well enough.. Ronis slightly artistic... Maybe we can talk him into it. See you all real soon. Time to finish up the packing... Yay love saying that... See you all on the island!~

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    Default Body Painting on TI


    It wasn't poster paint that we used. Angie and I purchase paints online before we came down. The brand name is Palmer Face Paint. It's non-toxic and water-reducible. I've attached a photo that my make it past the moderator (tattoos, behinds, etc. edited out). I would be careful with the poster paints. They may not wash off very well and may be toxic or cause allergic reactions. Have fun!

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    Yo Jeff

    Thanks for the edit piece. My picture got on initially, but then it was pulled. And thanks again for the reminder about the paint. At the store we have a number of paints by Crayola that I imagine would be okay. I'll check them out on Monday..

    That was a memorable day. But then again, every day out there is memorable. but that one ranks high.


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    count us in in April
    CTI/April Amigos

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    There was a wonderful body painter came to CSS in October 2009 - think his name was Andre? Since it's still in the Ocho Rios area, perhaps he could also make a trip to CTI? Maybe give CSS a call to find out who he was and if he'd be willing to spend an afternoon on the Island...he came over with Marcel.
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    Auburn, I compared liquid latex with other kinds and decided against it due to the fact that removal can be painful if you have any hair on your skin. I got some makeup-style paint that I'll be bringing to CSS in a few days . We'll be coming to TI for a day, I can bring the paint along too.

    Musicgal4, thanks for the info on the artist!

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    Body Painting will commence on TI over Valentines week, already got the paint packed.. Is it time to go yet?

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    Hey Richie, Great picture!!! Looks like it must have been a fun day!!!

    What a fabulous picture to post on the various threads started by people curious about "body types" on the AN beach! Your picture looks like a wonderful group of beautiful "everyday" bodies. Just how I remember the people that were on the AN beach when we were there. I'm sure it would ease some people's minds to see your picture.

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    We are arriving on the 7th. Tell me what kind of paint to get, and I will bring some also!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike&Kami View Post
    We are arriving on the 7th. Tell me what kind of paint to get, and I will bring some also!

    Hi Mike & Kami, I went to A.C. Moore and bought a paint called "Washable finger paint", says ' non-stain, and truly washable with soap and water. So that's what I picked up.. 4 colors. Can't wait to see what the Captain comes up with. See you soon! 5 more days, are we there yet?..

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    Default A useful body painting website- info

    Greetings body painting fans. After reading some of the posts here thought I would post this most useful information.

    Try the website:

    This website is chalk full (no pun intended) useful information on pros and cons of types of paint to use.. as well as a caution concerning allergies.

    A few excerpts:

    "* Markers work well, but be sure to use only those marked non-toxic. Markers may be easier to use for those who find it hard to hold the paint brush steady.
    * Water-color paint sticks and crayons are the medium of choice for children's face painting. Dip the tip of the crayon in water, or rub a wet brush on the paint stick, and you are ready to paint.
    * Non-toxic Acrylic paint is another medium used by some body paint artists, but you should be aware that it's not approved for use on human skin. It's safer to stick with cosmetic grade body paints.
    * Tempra paints may also be used, but tend to flake when dry, so they are less desirable than fabric acrylics.
    * Airbrush makeup is perhaps the best, if most expensive body paint medium to use, bringing terrific results.
    * Henna, a natural reddish-brown plant dye can painted on to create a temporary tattoo.
    * Liquid latex has also been used with some success, as it has some durability once dry."

    And.. the info that may prove useful for sensitive skin types like mine:
    "...body paints can cause allergic reactions in some individuals when they come in contact with the skin.

    With so many body paint products available, it's very possible that someone who has been painted before without any problem could have a severe reaction when a different product is used. In the same vein, a particular type of paint may cause no reaction on some people, but can cause rashes or worse on others.

    How can you be sure which painting products are right for your "human canvas"? Test them first. Apply a small amount of the medium you will be using on the skin, and wait at least thirty minutes to see if any reactions develop. If you plan to use more than one medium, test each one separately so you can identify the specific allergen."

    Hope this helps. Happy painting!

    Be well,

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    Default Well?

    Since my December posting of an inquiry about possible body painting in December on Tower Island I haven't read of any actual efforts to do this. Anyone actually perform / observe body painting on CTI?

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    We brought them to CTI, but didn't use them there. We did, however, use them at SSB one day.

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