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    Default Newbie to CTI!

    I will be visiting CTI Dec. 20th-24th (w/my Fiance' & parents). My parents go to Jamaica every Feb. for their anniversary (they stay @ Grand Lido) Just wanted some advice on "must do" things on our trip (I already have an appt. to swim w/dolphins! & we are doing Dunn's River as well) I see that a bus goes to Margaritaville @ 11pm Mon. night is the pool/slide still open or is that more of a daytime thing? Any suggestions are appreciated

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    Leave sone time to enjoy the resort and the things it has to offer. Do not over schedule yourselves.

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    Pools are open all the time as far as I could tell. The swim up bar closes pretty early though.. but I saw people in both pools at night. The hot tubs by the main pool were always open as well. The two hot tubs by the spa are part of the spa during the day but are available for use after the spa closes.. 5 or 6pm.. The Buddha pool in the spa should be available after the twilight massages are done.

    As for scheduling yourself... I started out with a huge list of things and was starting to plan out each day, then I took the advice of others on the board and just went with the flow.

    The only things to schedule early on are:

    -sit down meals at Bayside and 8 Rivers
    -Catamaran cruise

    We went on Dunn's river on a Sunday so that no cruise ships were in town and it was less crowded (*beware the craft mart afterwards, very aggressive sellers). The Dunns trip is available, I think every single day... so just go when you feel like it. Scuba and Snorkeling are available everyday.

    We never stayed out very late.. and never went to Margaritaville... We ate and enjoyed showtime. We would dance and drink and have fun with friends we met at the resort and on the island.

    Go to the island and experience the real meaning of relaxing near the water! We weren't sure how much we would like it... we went back every day, so do it early in your trip!

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