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Thread: Got Snow??

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    Default Got Snow??

    Couples take me away. PLEASE.

    I was thinking about our trip in February while blowing out my driveway this morning in 40 mile/hr winds and 10” of snow.

    CSA soon come

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    Yes, thank you, we got snow. Glad we're not leaving for Couples today!

    I-35 is closed. I-80 is closed. The road to the airport is closed. The airport is closed. The road in front of our house is closed.

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    We feel your pain in east central Wisconsin, Beach-bum! I cleared 12+ inches of wet snow this morning from our driveway, likewise off the deck and hot tub... and another 4-6" on the way.

    This is the first snowfall of the season for us, and we're instantly out of places to put the stuff! Its gonna be a LOOOOONNNGGGGG winter, I fear!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    We feel your pain in Illinois!!!! 6+ inches. On the bright side....we arrive at CTI in 19 days!!!

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    This is why we moved from Michigan to Texas!

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    Hey Wally, I knew there was a good reason the Iowa invasion was starting at CN this weekend! Wow, I'm wondering if I will be drifted into my house for the next 6 months the way the winds wipping out here in the country! Iowa is definitely closed for business!

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    Ottawa is also getting 12 to 15 inches of snow today!

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    Yeah, shelspaur, we live out in the country too. They won't even plow out here until the wind stops. But, we know that and prepare for it. Don't fear, the whole state will be back in business by Friday.

    28 days to CN! 37 days to CTI!
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    Get back here and take this snow with you!

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    I was feeling no pain as I dug my car out of 20" snow drifts this morning...thinking in 48 hours I will be on a plane to CSA! Thank goodness the storm came early in the week...just in time to go from snow to sand

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    We live just north of the Waterloo - Cedar Falls area. The wind is still up and the temps are falling. This part of Iowa is crawling at best.

    UNI beat Iowa last night in a blizzard. Not sure if anyone was there to see the game?

    Go HAWKS!

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    We got snow but the temperature and wind is what's killing me! You can't have christmas without snow but I could do without the -40 degrees Celcius. It will be a cold bitter wait for us here in the Canadian Prairies! April please come sooon!

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    6" so far in Western MA & the big midwestern storm is on its way in... It can snow for 32 days as far as we're concerned -- as long as we can make it to the airport on day 33! CSA here we come!

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    Default Brrrrrr here!

    Very cold and snowy here (SE WI. right on the lakefront)..the usual for December...17 day 14 hours 47 minutes...on top of it all my job is so stressful right now and I am getting over the flu! As I have said before I am going to enjoy every moment of my vacation down to its crispy chocolatety chewy center.

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    Council Bluffs is getting pounded as well, The hubby hurt his back digging the car out so he could take me work this am. Now this evening the wind is whipping so hard the dog won't go outside. We have never been to CSA but all I can do is spend my time on this site dreaming of what a good time we will have. All the folks at work are singing let it snow let it snow let it snow, and I'm sing got my toes in the water, ... in the sand. March is way too far away.

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    We ended up with 18 inches of the beautiful white stuff in McFarland, Wisconsin. We only hope this doesn't happen when we leave for CN 7 weeks from today!!!

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    We go from 12" of snow to -12 windchill. Only 16 days and some 22 hrs. until CSA.

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    Hang in there everyone. Winter hasn’t “officially” started yet.

    All that white stuff is really soft sand….and palm trees…

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    Default Yeah Mon we got snow & now it's COLD! Brrr...

    How we wish we were @ CSA right now. Razzl
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    We got 15" here in central Iowa, and it was -2f (-30 wind chill)this morning as I drove to work. This time last week we were at CSA drinking hummingbirds under a palm tree.

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    Whoa, Razzl---TMI!

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    Razzle!! you are da bomb! Keep thinking those warm thoughts....hope you didn't freeze any important parts.

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    Ha-ha-ha-ha! Am having such great fun w/this pic! 'tis not my DH. Just fun picture someone tagged me with this week. If it was my sweetie-pie, he'd have a nice tan line showing since we've only been back in Wisconsin (the deep freeze) for a week. At this time last week, we were just packing to depart from our home away from home, CSA, after a lovely week in paradise. Stay warm everyone! Love ya - Razzl

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    Razzl that's an awesome pic!!! Had to remove 8" of snow from my driveway this week here in NY. To think last year at this time we were at CSA celebrating my birthday sucking down hummingbirds and singing along with Ulti in the Aura Lounge. Life can be cruel... Oh well next year I won't have two daughters getting married and hopefully we'll be at CSA again eating, drinking and making merry...Yah Mon!

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    Hey, we even got snow in the Houston, Tx area last week. They had pictures all over TV, some of it actually stuck to the ground for an hour or so before it melted. We shut down virtually every school within 100 miles of any snowflake. No worries though, it was gone quickly and we were able to get in a round of golf this week. They are calling for rain tonight and in the morning, but it should be up around 70 on Sunday.....Guess I better get off the MB and go reserve a tee time before all the good ones are taken. LOL!!!!! Hang in there all of our northern friends.....Jamaica is calling and we will all be there soon!!!!!!

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